Top Mobile App Plug-Ins to make your App a success in 2021!

Posted by Jatin Vaghela on April 15th, 2021

The recent development in smartphones has made our life easier than ever before. Quality app developments with better frameworks and performance, modern app development, and designing tools have increased sales for smartphones quickly. For making such quality apps, you need a well-developed skilled development team from some top and well-known app development companies to make your app a success in the coming years.

App development is a major and important part of a successful mobile app. But it could be a time-consuming and lengthy task that can take your whole time without letting you focus on other parameters. In such a case, you need some immediate source through which your work can become easy. With the help of app development plugins, you can develop your apps and head towards a great achievement.

We have prepared a list of Top Mobile App Plug-Ins for you, making your app a big success.

  • Cascade Gallery

Cascade Gallery offers you to visualize your images with five tailored rings surrounded through it. A smooth transition is applied to your photograph into a customized gallery or album of your responsive images.

The use of visuals and photos is the best development service for your app in 2021. This plugin can be used as an example for navigation and menu with images, including your app’s design. You can purchase Cascade Gallery for .99 only.

  • Home Page Grid Layout

Having a well-developed with perfect functioning home page for your mobile application tends to attract more traffic to your app. Home Page Grid Layout helps you design your mobile app home page according to your app, meeting all your requirements.

Home Page Grid Layout’s home page will give your visitors an easy route to reach their destination to various places of your app with accuracy. It will provide buttons for easy invading in your app. This plugin is free of cost. You can start your developing process with this plugin.

  • Image Gallery and Info Slider

Image Gallery and Info Slider is also one of the top plugins for developing your mobile applications. This plugin has features for both image developments and for giving you information for your mobile apps.

You can use this plugin for featuring your photos in your apps. Because of its high response, you can add pictures to your app by showing your users one image at a time. Your users can navigate all other pictures after one another in a slideshow manner. This plugin is free to download, and you can work with ease for a better version of your app.

  • Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the leading mobile app development plugins. It offers you a diverse and broad range of presentation themes you can use for your apps. It shows pictures as well as information for your app.Google Slides comes with many animations and fonts for developing your mobile app. You can also infuse your video content in apps to make it look more interesting. Like many other app development plugins, Google Slides is also free to download.

  • Text WYSIWYG

Content is the most important part of your successful app. Moreover, text content is a more precious and essential component for app designing. To add text to your app, you can make use of this plugin.

Text WYSIWYG offers you additional images, video content, and forms to your mobile app more than just adding text. It allows you to do several tasks. Hence, becoming the worlds’ most used plugin for mobile app designing and development.

You can also use this plugin as an HTML editor for making changes in your app. This plugin is also free of cost. You can download and start working.

  • Choice Homepage

Choice Homepage offers you to add a question for your visitors before they enter and reach the actual homepage of your app. This is a great way for your users to customize their app experience.

But the question does not reappear every time for the same users whenever they open up your app. Once a user has selected an option, it is saved automatically, and the question will not appear on the user’s screen. Two famous cases are preferred time zone and language for used in this plugin.

  • WebView

WebView offers an exclusive design for your mobile apps. WebView allows you to connect directly through online content given in the links mentioned in your apps by maintaining app experience externally.

You can easily link your various documents, webpages, and much more you find relevant to your mobile application. This plugin is also free of cost. Just download today itself and start making your app a big success.

  • YouTube

Adding video content can make your app a great success. People tend to engage more with a face and a voice or demographics presented differently to understand your app to the fullest. You can open your YouTube channel to your app using the YouTube plugin. It is one of the easiest and simple ways to add your video content to your app.

Whenever you add any video on your channel, it will be automatically shared on your app. Your users can easily watch your latest videos. Moreover, this plugin also provides many designing tools that can help you with your mobile app development.

  • Optimized Format Media RSS Feed

Many new developers face arranging each content to their app, which can work along perfectly, giving good performance. Adding all elements to your app can change your apps’ performance if not included accurately.

Optimized Format Media RSS Feed plugin allows you to enhance your content, whether video or audio, for your regular media RSS feed. It will help to show all elements and contents of your app systematically.

  • WebView Popup Service

WebView Popup Service plugin from Pixel Plugins is more or less the same as WebView Plugin, at least on the users’ end. Both the plugins allow your apps to open and provide external links within the app. WebView Popup Service prices .99.


Mobile applications’ development is important and essential if you want to give great success to your app. It an easy task when you are developing your apps on your own by using plugins with high accuracy and time-saving features.

You can save your manual time by using these plugins, leading mobile app plugins for 2021. Mobile apps with accurate information and easy handling are a very important role in today’s time. You can consider the above-discussed top-level plugins if you want your app to succeed in the coming years. Start now and observe the change in traffic you are receiving.

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