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Posted by clevelandcontainers on July 10th, 2015

Shipping containers lend themselves useful as modular building elements. Thanks to international standardization, shipping containers are pretty much the same across the globe. With millions of them in circulation and millions more just rotting away in storage or disuse, forward-thinking designers and builders have found great use for these standardized shipping containers in construction and architecture. Retired containers are practical and affordable building materials because of their structural strength, sturdy construction, inherent building qualities, water and weatherproof characteristics, and design potential.

Because they are standard in size and construction, shipping containers facilitate convenient interlocking and stacking not only during transportation but actual construction. Additionally, shipping containers are supported by most forms of transport infrastructure, from rail and road to sea transportation. Their structural strength gives them the innate capability to carry heavy loads, which makes way cost and time-efficient multiple levels of constructions. This is a lot more practical compared to masonry, which is not only a more costly but also a more labor intensive approach. Shipping containers are also highly resistant to corrosion, fire, mold, and termites, which makes your office space a lot stronger and more resistant to all sorts of damage.

Reusing shipping containers as office spaces is also an eco-friendly move. Instead of wasting resources on traditional building materials, you get to recycle used containers and reduce damage to the environment. Materials are reused which allows you to reduce the cost of construction by at least 30 per cent. This will allow you to reduce the time of construction by at least half of what you have to endure with traditional methods. Combined with a little creativity and imagination, you can easily design an office or a home extension that is modular, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and can outlast most any construction.

Many exciting developments based on shipping containers now exist, ranging from modular and portable office spaces to home extensions, commercial spaces, and even schools and camp houses. With these kinds of developments and more underway, shipping containers can very well be the answer to the need for affordable housing and shelter all over the world. In fact, container architecture is currently being explored for the development of reliable bomb, tornado, hurricane, and disaster relief shelters. Another advantage of using shipping containers as building materials is that they can easily be shipped out to sites and transported to the area of need without expensive and extensive work.

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This article is written by Karen Wentworth, consultant for Cleveland Containers, who specialize in offering shipping containers in UK. Cleveland Containers is one-stop shop for your entire container related needs whether buying or hiring is the right solution for your storage requirement. They also give their buyer a facility of providing a bespoke size container tailored to your specific requirements and can normally be delivered in 7 working days.

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