Wooden jewelry - An ancient but effective way to add beauty

Posted by Swaggwood on July 10th, 2015

Wood has been one of the first materials to be used in jewelry. The ease with which it can be shaped into any form and the abundant availability of wood has made it one of the most used product to make jewelry items.Since, the ancient times, people have been using wood to make their jewelry. Whether it is a wonderful beaded necklace or a beautiful wristlet, everything crafted out of wood carries a charm of their own.

With the changing trend of fashion, even the range and type of jewelry has under gone an evolution. But, the amazing fact is the modern trend of fashion has made the whole range of jewelry raw materials much vast and varied. We have several materials to use as substitutes and enjoy. For instance, the brilliance of Gold or the polish of silver has enchanted many. But still, wood has retained its place as one of the favorite piece of jewelry among the young crowd.

The beauty of wood is that it carries holds a character and charm that is more over whelming as compared to Gold or Silver jewelry. For instance, when you wear a wooden bracelet, the warmth and beauty it provides is in-comparable.  That goes for wooden earrings too. Since wooden jewelry is synonymous to chic and graceful, the earrings made from wood carry the beauty and charm to match any style of attire.

With changing style of fashion, even the style and trend of wooden jewellery has undergone a sea change. Designers have ventured to add colors, different style of motif to make these attractive wooden pieces more charming and gorgeous. When the natural collared wooden beads are contrasted with collared wooden beads it turns the simple piece of jewelry to piece that is unparalleled to any other piece of jewelry.

Thus, it is a proven factthat thewooden jewelry are worth million dollars for the beauty conscious youngsters.For, it can match any outfit with panache. Either you pair it with a regular jeans and T-shirt or an ethnic wear like long skirts, wooden necklaces or beaded earrings can complement with anybeauty and grace.

Although we have several other materials that are used to make attractive pieces of jewelry, wood remains the favorite of many. Irrespective of their age, people love to wear jewelry made from wooden pieces, as it portrays something ancient, and thus, priceless.

For those who are concerned about the environment, wearing such wooden jewelry made from bits of waste wood is a way of conveying a message to others about their concerns. 

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