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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on July 10th, 2015

Various cuisines across different culinary genres make food an epicurean delight for all of us. The common meat products that find their way to our dinner table are obviously chicken and beef. Not only do they taste brilliant, but they can be prepared and cooked in many styles and are loved by all. Poitrine de poulet or chicken breast is one of the most favorite items of the family dinner quite often. And, viande de boeuf or beef is rich in protein and if you have lean beef it is in fact good for your health.

Although chicken in itself is quite a popular, poitrine de poulet perhaps has a little edge over the other items as it is the tenderest part of chicken. Since chicken is high on protein and low on fat, it is good for the health for people of all ages. It also helps in increasing appetite and this is why recuperating patients are given light chicken-based meals. Viande de boeuf, on the other hand, is a little heavy but very tasty. A grilled beef steak of a tender cut leaves behind its richness of taste thus making it a favourite dish for both the young and the old.

Moreover, viande de boeuf is a congenial source of meat that can be cooked into various light, medium or heavy dishes. Lean meat like chicken helps in building muscles and makes bones stronger. Meat in any form improves immunity, gives energy, keeps your heart healthy and protects you against carcinogenic agents. More so, poitrine de poulet acts as a stress buster and gives some relief during the pre-menstrual days as it lessens the pain and helps in combating mood swings. Chicken is rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and B5, trace minerals and calcium thus making it a healthy food option.

Since chicken is extremely versatile in the kitchen, cooking some amazing dishes of poitrine de poulet is easy. Lemon grilled chicken breast or quick pan-fried chicken breast can make a dinner far more interesting than a cold sandwich. Viande de boeuf is high in iron, DHA and vitamin B12 and so has a lot of nutritional benefits. Since beef has more polyunsaturated fatty acid, consuming too much of such fat is detrimental to health. It is therefore important to have a controlled eating habit so that while you enjoy the goodness of the taste you do not overlook the health concerns.

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For your regular protein intake try poitrine de poulet . To buy good quality viande de boeuf you can trust the reputed online stores.

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