Six UX & UI design elements successful brands use for fantastic user experience

Posted by Sudha Solutions on April 15th, 2021

Did you know that a whopping 88% of your website visitors are less likely to return if they have a bad user experience? It may sound harsh, but that’s how it is! Your potential customer’s primary interaction with your brand is likely to occur on your website or a mobile application. And if it doesn’t offer a buttery-smooth user experience to your clients, you might risk losing them. Successful brands out there have realized the potency of an excellent user experience, and now you know it too!

So you might hire the best UI UX agency in India to provide a fantastic user experience to your customers but do you know what goes into its making? Well, the best design studios in India incorporate smart UX and UI design elements. And below are the top six of them.


1 –Call-to-action (CTA) button

A call-to-action button is crucial to your website or a mobile app. According to the situation, a CTA button tells the user to register, sign up, buy now, etc. These buttons have to be present at places where your interface wants users to take a specific action. While there are various designs available, round buttons work as excellent CTA buttons, owing to their catchy look.   


2 – Primary action buttons

The CTA and primary action buttons may seem alike, but there lies a difference. While a CTA button encourages users to act a certain way, the primary action button helps users complete that action. These buttons have to be placed where you would want users to go Next/Complete/Start/etc. A striking and easily noticeable primary action improves user experience even further.  


3 – Radio buttons and dropdown menus 

Radio buttons and dropdown menus make it easier for users to navigate and perform actions. While the best UI UX agency in India will provide these design elements, do you know how to use them? Well, radio buttons are the right fit where you have 3-4 options. It keeps things easily scannable. And when the number of options goes up, and you want to introduce categories, then dropdown menus are the right pick.


4 – Overlaying images 

Images are the best design elements to grab the attention of your web visitors instantly. But you can take it to the next level and bring that wow-some factor to your website using overlaying images. It engages the viewers and adds an extra appeal to your platform. It entices users into subscribing to you or making the purchase. 


5 – White space

White space, although just a space between two interface elements, is indeed crucial to your website. It helps indicate a relationship between specific elements. Best UX agencies in Mumbai are sure to use this white space to bring sophistication to your platform. This space increases readability and makes the content easy to digest. It also allows you to prioritize and put emphasis on certain things.    


6 – Error message 

When a potential customer is using your website for the first time, they might make some mistakes. And when they do, your interface should not only notify but also suggest them a way to correct it. There are numerous ways to highlight an error. And the key is to make the error field easily distinguishable from others. The best UI UX agency in India will also carefully put up an error message.

To Sum It All Up

Those were the top six UX and UI design elements that successful brands use for an amazing user experience. Please make sure your website or a mobile app has these design elements too. And while you’re hunting for the best UI UX agency in India, you may consider working with the industry-favorite design agency – Sudha Solutions. Here’s the link to their website –

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