Good UX can Skyrocket Your Business Growth: Here's how!

Posted by Sudha Solutions on April 15th, 2021

UX (user experience) has become quite a buzzword recently. And it turns out that the hype is real! Well, the term UX is relatively new. However, the idea of coming up with user-friendly designs has been around for ages. In 1973, the Ex-CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, while addressing the students at Wharton, said that "good UX is good business." And that's how the phrase became popular. While you might be looking for the best design studios in India, read the article below to know how UX can skyrocket your business growth.  

So, when Watson retired from IBM, the company had made a massive, tenfold growth. By following the same trend that he predicted, companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have reached where they are today. These successful companies prioritized and improved UX for the products that were already there in the market. For instance, Apple wasn't the first to make a smartphone, but they were the first to make a user-friendly device. Similarly, the Google search engine's simplicity and ease-of-use have crowned the company at the top position.

It's a no-brainer that a better UX leads to a flourishing business. There's a famous study by Forrester on user experience. According to this, companies that spend their money to improve UX see a dip in the costs of customer acquisition and support costs. In fact, investment in the UX increases the company's market share and improves customer retention. The study showed that an investment of in UX design gives you an ROI of 0. Isn't that great!? Before you move on to hiring the best design studios in India, below are some ways to get that crazy ROI for your business.


  1. Evaluate UX for your product 

The first thing to improve your UX is assessing your product, website, or application. It's good to hire the best UI UX agency in India. And they will do usability testing for your product. A professional design agency will provide you usage analytics. It unveils underlying UX issues with your product.  


  1. Your internal process should have a good UX too!

Once you have rectified the usability issues in your product, it's time to make UX design a part of your system. You can achieve it by incorporating pattern libraries. It stores the user interface you've used in the past and helps solve design issues. Since speed and efficiency are pillars of a successful business, a good UX has to be a part of your internal process.     


  1. Prioritize UX over anything 

Companies like Apple, Google, etc., have been consistently delivering products with excellent user experience. How do you think they've managed to accomplish it? Of course, there lies a process of planning, research, prototyping, and getting feedback on it. But, the secret ingredient here for success is the user experience. And now's the time to work with the best design studios in India and prioritize UX design.


  1. Design is beyond just aesthetics 

Whether you're dealing with a physical or digital product, you should know that the UX design is more than appearance. You have to focus on the usability of the product. User-centric products are not only physically appealing but also provide an amazing experience while using the product.

To conclude

Now that you know how vastly UX (user experience) design influences business, please make it a motto of your company. And you'll surely be able to skyrocket your business growth. If you're looking around for the best design studios in India, you may consider working with Sudha Solutions. Their happy clientele is proof enough that it's one of the best UX agencies in Mumbai and pan country. You can reach their website here -

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