How to Use Fundraising Jewellery for a Cause

Posted by thenativebond on April 16th, 2021

If you have ever had an occasion where you wanted to use your jewellery to raise money for a cause or event, you know how daunting that can be. It is especially overwhelming when you are trying to reach out to people who are reluctant about helping because maybe they think of it as a scam.

If you are a designer with several fundraising jewellery and you think they can help, below are some helpful tips that you can take with you.

Below are some ways that you can use to set up an online jewellery fundraiser for any cause.

Blogging about It

If you have an online store, then the chances are high that you have a blog site. You can use this optimally by blogging about your plans. You can also ask fellow bloggers to help blog about it and maximize spreading the word to as many people out there. Out of the many that you reach, several dozens of them would be willing to re-blog and help to bring several readers to support you.

Using Social Media

In these days of heavy social media usage, it is possible to convert as many social media followers and users into customers. In the same way, a wildlife charity jewellery designer can use their influence on social media to raise money for any cause. They only need to start a campaign, send it to their followers and connections on social media, and ask for everyone’s help. Other social medial uses can also help by sharing the message out.

Using Word of Mouth

It is also possible to raise money by word of mouth. Of course, this does not mean going out to everyone and asking them for money. Rather, it means going out, spreading the word about your charity jewellery and the cause you want people to support and see how great the initiative would be for you.

Use Special Occasions

Depending on the season of the year, there will be different occasions. For example, if it is February, you can use the love mood to your advantage. Take your jewellery pieces out and take advantage of the buying craze.

Hold an Online Auction

Lastly, hold an online auction. While this may not bring in many customers because of the fluctuating prices, you can make a fortune. With the proceeds, it would then be easier for you to support your cause.

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