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Posted by gracedashen on July 13th, 2015

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The Senior Designer, George Smith just revealed the latest information on SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, apart from the new modes and features for flashpoints and operations, the news that there won't be any new operation has aroused many concerns. Are you an Operations-focused player, and can you accept that there are all old operations? Follow Swtor2credits to know about how other players think about it.

A new operation should be provided for veteran players

Swtor2credits just posted the information on flashpoints and operations for Knights of the Fallen Empire, head to there for details if you haven't gotten the news. Although many modes and rewards will be provided, many players feel disappointed to get no new operation and thus announce that the new expansion should have a new operation. So what are their reasons and thought?
Firstly, players feel tired to play the same operations for many years. A certain part of players have played swtor for many years and haven't gotten any new operations. Thus, they are eager for new contents since doing operations twice a week, getting the same gear and killing the same boss is boring. New things are good even though they are not so awesome. 
Secondly, the develop team should also cater for veterans. Well, similar to the above, new operation is important for veteran players. Old operations are great for new players, but for veterans who have done everything 100s of times at this point it's just not going to be enough to keep us invested. Many serious PvPers left because the content became stale, so that Bioware should care about the minority. What is your opinion? Share it with us on Swtor2credits Facebook, where you can find some discounts for swtor credits buying.

Limited time decides that new operation cannot be developed

It is understanding that players expect for a new operation for fresh experience, and some new players also indicated that it's good for the game to make new content for an entire expansion cycle. However, different point of view came from other players, which is also reasonable. It is the limitation of time and financial that decides new operation cannot be developed. The operation team has been very busy scaling 10 operations up to end-game, Story Mode, Hard Mode, and Nightmare mode. That is actually a lot of content and time the team needed to invest. Besides, while considering the financial limitation, Bioware needs firstly to cater for the majority rather than to please the minority, while it is still good to keep the old content up to part for new players or players who haven't done them yet.

Bioware should give a plan on when new operation will release

It is a complicated issue to tell what should do and what should not do. In fact, the small sect of players is also worth time or effort of the dev team since they are the most frequent players. Anyway, considering the elements such as time, technology or fund, new operations should be given in the future. Thus, it was suggested that Bioware should at least provide a rough time scale for a new operation, which could make people a lot happier overall.

Fortunately, new level and various modes will be provided so that players can attempt some of the mid level Ops for fun and decorations when the expansion comes out. To get better game experience and gain more rewards, welcome to Swtor2credits to buy swtor cheap gold with cash coupon. Enjoy it.

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