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Posted by David Bryan on April 16th, 2021

Weddings are incomplete without photography and videography because they capture the moment you want to relieve. All of us want to capture the entire wedding, including the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. These are an essential part of your life, so you must hire experienced videographers for Pre-wedding and wedding Videography in Kelowna.

You need to be clear about what moments you want to capture on your wedding day, reception, and pre-wedding shoots. You should sit with your photographer and the team responsible for Wedding video and photography in Kelowna to discuss everything beforehand.

You should also do your research about the different wedding shoot ideas. What are more popular wedding photoshoots these days, and what is your set budget for the photo and video shoots? Then approach the photographer and videographer for Pre-wedding and wedding Videography Kelowna.

Most Popular Wedding Video ideas

1.     Proposal Video (from where it all started)

People always want to have a video of where it all started. Everyone tries to find unique ideas for proposing to their life partners. If your decision was impromptu and long due, then you might not have a video of it.

If you are planning a proposal for a long time, then you should squeeze in a photographer or videographer in your proposal. They can help you in capturing the essence of your proposal.

2.     Pre-wedding shoots (Story of us)

Pre-wedding shoots have become an important part of any wedding ceremony. People spend a good amount of time and money to capture a beautiful story. The beauty of pre-wedding shoots is that it tells a story of the couples and every story is unique. So, you need to hire a unique videographer for Wedding video and photography in Kelowna to capture the essence of your story.

3.     Video Invites (Telling the world)

You can also hire a videographer to send personalized video invites. A wedding is a closed affair, and you only invite your near and dear ones. You might plan on a big wedding date reveal for your friends and family and invite them via video invites.

4.     Wedding Slideshow

You can ask your videographer to make a wedding slideshow to showcase at your receptions. You can also incorporate messages from your parents, in-laws, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. It can keep people intrigued in case of any delay in food servings, or people have to wait for a while to hit the dance floor.

You only have to make sure that the venue has a projector or big TV screen. If not, then you should ask your event coordinator to arrange for a projector.

5.     Go live with your wedding

You can also ask the videographer to go live at your wedding and share live recordings of the people. For that, you have to ensure that the venue has a projector. Your hired videographer and photographer need to be well equipped with drones etc.,for live recordings. These recordings can add a little humor to your wedding ceremony.

There are many other wedding video ideas like sending personalized videos in the return gift basket for the guests. You should always look out for personalized ideas but don’t forget to ask the videographer to record the traditional marriage rituals like your official marriage ceremony and vows exchange.

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