6 Elements of a Successful Website

Posted by Christina James on April 16th, 2021

In the current digital world, a website is a medium through which communication to the customer happens. When a customer lands on the website, the communication starts, and if it does not go well, the user will navigate to another website. As many websites offer the same service, it will not be challenging for the user to find another website. 

Creating a website that is good-looking as well as user-friendly is vital. The designer has to think from the user's perspective before starting their work. A good website is user-friendly and gives an enriching experience to the customer.

The design of the website depends on the kind of information you are trying to portrait. If it is an e-commerce website, the design will be different, and it should have beautiful images of the product, customer reviews, feedback facilities, and so on.

The Role of User Experience

A website with a high conversion rate and low bounce rates is the dream website for everyone who owns it. It is not an arduous task to reach this level. The one main crucial point to keep in is to design the website in the way your user wants it, not in the way you like it.

It is the one point that everyone misses out on or is hesitant to put effort into. But once you have done that part right, you can see your website performance rising high.

The first step in finding out if your website is performing well is to check the web analytics and see the conversion rates and bounce rates. If the results are not good, then you have to do something with them.

One thing that can help you is tools that help you analyze the performance of your website. It enables you to find out precisely what is going wrong with your website. It will, in turn, help the designer to improve the ux of a website.

6 Elements of a Successful Website

It had not become long since companies started focusing on the user experience and google ranking. The companies have begun to conduct design audits to maintain their brands' consistency and give them a fresh look. Certain factors have significant importance in getting a good rank in search engines. 

Make the page mobile-friendly

As the number of mobile users has increased tremendously, most of the surfing happened through phones. It is now an almost compulsory thing to have a mobile-friendly version of a website. It will help the mobile users; as the screen is smaller, you have to ensure smooth navigation and the font's right size, it will be of high advantage for e-commerce UX. Making your website mobile-friendly is a mandatory thing now. 


Improve the quality of the website content

It is a common notion that people give more prominence to using fancy words and jargon. It is a common belief that it will make the website sound smart. But the reality is different. If the consumer cannot understand your content or what you are trying to convey, they will probably leave your website. Use words that are simple and common, and don't forget to break down the technical terms. If you're using abbreviations, give the expanded form too.


Lesser page load time

Another important factor in improving the user experience and reducing the bounce rates is to improve the page load time. We all know how frustrating it is to wait for a web page to load. These days, with lots of alternative websites available for the same service, the customers will not wait patiently for the page to load; they will leave the page. So it is a crucial factor to make the website loading time fast. With optimized images, the page loading time can be reduced. Also, choose the website host wisely. It plays a prominent role in the loading time.


Make the page SEO-friendly

Google always favours fast-loading websites, so a properly optimized website means better ranking too. So as the user-friendliness of your website increases, you are bound to get a better ranking, which will further ensure traffic to your website. A well-optimized website means a better ranking, which will help your business.


Display the security badges

Website security is of high importance nowadays. With many digital frauds and cyber attacks, people are more conscious about the safety of their personal information and bank details. It is more important to e-commerce sites. You will have to give your bank details on the website. It is significant to use secure payment gateways to make safe transactions.

Displaying security badges on the website will help in gaining the trust of the customers. The designer is bound to secure the website as the user trusts your website with their hard-earned money.


Optimize the visuals

Images talk to people. Human eyes are attracted to pictures that can give them details. Make sure to use photos of high quality on your website. It merely means that you have put in the effort to find the right image for your website, increasing your credibility and improving the UX of your website

The Concluding Lines

User Experience and SEO go hand-in-hand. Both of these are about giving users a pleasant experience. The focus goes to the customer or the searcher. So relevance goes to the user. Your website should provide the user with exactly what they want. A high bounce rate is not a desirable quality for a website, according to Google.

The prominence of user experience has increased a lot in the past few years. UX is the deciding factor in the success of your website. Keeping up with the current web design trends also will improve the user experience.

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