Reasons audio description services are essential for accessibility

Posted by Acadestudio on April 16th, 2021

Corporate content and other marketing videos need descriptions. It helps clients to reach HOH (Hard of hearing) or sighted users. Earlier, it was only limited to media assets like TV shows and Films. But, in modern times, many businesses opt for audio descriptions. Whether it is a podcast, audiobook or content or screen reader users, audio descriptions are required everywhere. Companies lack in expertise to curate accurate audio description. Hence, they pass on this technical burden to the shoulders of audio description services. Below, we have outlined specific reasons to avail them of and utilize their services for professional content.

Why professional services required?

1. Audio descriptions help types of audience

The audio description describes the scenery, colours, facial expressions, body language. It helps a different kind of audience. With it, clients can connect with anyone and convey a message. Visually impaired HOH users and other disabled users see audio description accessibility. Organizations can put valuable inputs to engage the audience. Users can enjoy the content while doing daily chores like walking, travelling, sleeping or others. From eLearning content to entertainment videos, audio descriptions are incorporated everywhere.

2. Development

Audio descriptions help in the overall development of users. Clients who are into the eLearning or content development genre seeks a more consumer base. However, not all users they can target. Therefore, to increase the consumer base, they opt for audio description accessibility. Narration helps define the product and services. Audio descriptions help clients to connect a variety of consumers ranging from children to senior citizen. It helps them identify emotions and develop linguistic skills as well. The more the users will understand, the more they will approach the business. The research found, 80% of users purchase products when they know the professional language. The description is the best means to connect with the masses with less investment.

3. Increases revenue for companies

Businesses must develop access to product or services for consumers. Disabled users are more likely to buy and use your product or service if they understood your product feature. Therefore, many organizations outsource audio description services.  Millions of users worldwide live with visual impairment, and access to movies, television programs, and streaming services is as essential to them as the rest of society. Also, filmmakers who train students must train scholars about the importance of accessibility to their films and programs and incorporate it into their planning stages of producing media content. If every movie and TV show provided an audio description, their viewership would increase to millions, ultimately increasing the revenue. Additionally, it will increase revenue for theatres, DVD / Blu-ray stores and streaming services.


With globalization, accessibility demand surged to the next level. Today, organizations invest in audio descriptions to enhance accessibility. It is available in all kinds of digital content like films, TV programmes and streaming services. Let make the content accessible for all without any discrimination. Everyone has the right to consumer the content and be part of your consumer’s list. So, if your content is missing with the audio descriptions, incorporate it now!

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