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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on April 16th, 2021

This makes playing with touch controls more manageable while still offering a facsimile of signature Rocket League gameplay. By March 2017, Psyonix reported that Rocket League had sold more than 10.5 million copies across all platforms, and had 29 million registered players, with about a fourth of that having played during February 2017. Dunham estimated that 70% of the game's players had purchased some of the DLC offered for the game by March 2017. In April 2017, Psyonix reported that in addition to 9.5 million digital sales, the game had also sold over a million physical copies at retail. Neil Bolt of PlayStation Universe shared a similar view, writing that the physics "causes frustration in 4v4 bouts where everyone ends up huddling under the slow-descending ball for long periods." When not immersed in the world of Android and gadgets, he's an avid sports fan, and like all South Africans, he loves a good Braai . Realsport101 may receive a small commission if you click a link from one of our articles onto a retail website and make a purchase. For more information, we're confident Rocket League's social media channels will be up to date with the latest news. Psyonix has confirmed that additional Regional Testing and Betas will arrive in the coming months. This isn't too surprising when you consider the fact that Rocket League has recently gone free to play, but it does mean that we should expect some microtransactions going forwards. Psyonix has announced a new standalone Rocket League game for mobile called Rocket League Sideswipe. Rocket League Side Swipe incorporates the competitive car soccer gameplay of the PC and console versions of Rocket League, changing perspective without compromising aspects of PvP. Players can play 1v1 or 2v2 matches in 2 minutes using touch screen controls familiar to veteran players. A few months after it was released, Psyonix released an update that added game modes known as "mutators", modifying some aspects of gameplay, such as increased or decreased gravity, ball size, ball speed and bounciness. For the 2015 holiday season, another update replaced mutator matches with an ice hockey-inspired mode (called "Snow Day"), played on an ice rink and the ball replaced with a hockey puck with different physics. Positive reception to the ice hockey mode led to it being extended for a few weeks after the holiday season. No other regions have been announced at this time, but the developers did confirm that more regions will be able to test in the future . On July 11, 2015, Psyonix announced that there were around 120,000 concurrent players across both Windows and PlayStation 4. By the end of July, the game had been downloaded over 5 million times, and had 179,000 concurrent players. Psyonix stated that Rocket League's quick paced success far exceeded their expectations. Psyonix transitioned Rocket League to a free-to-play model on all platforms on September 23, 2020. Associated with the transition, the game added cross-platform progression that covers the cosmetic items players have earned, new competitive tournaments at each rank to earn rewards, new challenges, and other features. The game includes a single-player "season" mode, with the player competing with computer-controlled players. Rocket League was praised for its gameplay improvements over Battle-Cars, as well as its graphics and overall presentation, although some criticism was directed towards the game's physics engine. The game earned a number of industry awards, and saw over 10 million sales and 40 million players by the beginning of 2018. Rocket League has also been adopted as an esport, with professional players participating through ESL and Major League Gaming along with Psyonix's own Rocket League Championship Series . Psyonix is hoping to release the free-to-play Rocket League Sideswipe later this year. Players in Australia and New Zealand can get an early hands-on starting today though an Android regional alpha test. As in the original game, there'll be a ranking system for competitive modes. Psyonix hopes to bring the car soccer franchise to mobile devices later this year. A new rotating Item Shop was introduced in December 2019 as well, with Featured items available on a 48-hour timer and Daily items on a 24-hour timer. The Item Shop includes all types of in-game items, such as Painted Cars, Exotic Wheels, Goal Explosions, and many more. Each item has a listed Credit value that will show the item's cost, allowing players to purchase the exact item they want, instead of relying on RNG to attain a specific item previously available through loot boxes. Separately, Psyonix added a battle pass feature to the game in September 2018, known as the "Rocket Pass". While the Rocket Pass is free to all players, a flat-cost premium option can be purchased which accelerates the level up rate and unlocks additional items at certain tier levels. competitive online mode, where players compete in various tiered ranks within game seasons, with victories or losses raising or lowering a player's rank, respectively. The Rocket League franchise is set to expand the a little bit further with the announcement by Psyonix of their new mobile game.Rocket League Sideswipeis set to debut sometime later in 2021 and will be available on iOS and Android. People in Australia and New Zealand won’t have to wait, though, as Psyonix is already conducting a limited alpha test of Rocket League Sideswipe for Android users in those countries. “Rocket League Sideswipe will feature mobile controls that are easy to pick up whether you’re a master of Rocket League or a new player still learning your way around the field,” Psyonix said. Psyonix’s compellingly playable motorized PvP action game, Rocket League, is heading to iOS and Android as a free-to-play game called Rocket League Sideswipe. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Either way, you'll be able to play in 1v1 or 2v2 matches, and the rounds are only two minutes. This version of the game will feature a bunch of different rocket league sideswipe mobile download options like the main game. Psyonix will add in “robust car customization similar to Rocket League,” as well as a bunch of other features. Based on the brief trailer Psyonix released showing off some alpha footage, the new Rocket League entry looks a good bit of fun. Instead of the traditional, more soccer-like, goals from the original, Sideswipe‘s goals are vertically aligned to make best use of the new arena. Online and local play will form part of Sideswipe‘s multiplayer experience, including competitive ranked modes and all sorts of cosmetic vehicle customisation. The following year, the companies announced a further partnership, with WWE cosmetic items introduced to the game in April. In May 2019, Epic Games announced that it had acquired Psyonix for an undisclosed amount. Psyonix has had a long-standing relationship with the studio (its original North Carolina headquarters were only 12 miles away from those of Epic), having worked with it on development tools for the Unreal Engine. As a result of the purchase, the game was planned to be added to the Epic Games Store by late-2019, but Psyonix was unclear over whether the game would become exclusive to the store.

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