A complete guide to Factory Reset a PS4

Posted by Alan Owen on April 16th, 2021

Do you want to factory reset your PlayStation 4 console but don’t know how to do so? You are now on your right destination because we have included a step-by-step procedure to factory reset a PS4 console. 

Further, you can do a factory reset when you have no option to ensure the system’s functionality. When your factory reset your console, you will lose everything available on the system. So, before you start the process, always remember to back up your gaming console, so you don’t lose important data. You can save your backed up data on both cloud and flash drives. If you forget to back up your PlayStation 4, you will need to set up the console from the beginning. 


Moreover, below are the stepwise directions for a successful factory reset of PS4. Follow the steps mentioned below and reset your console in no time. 

Ways to factory reset PlayStation 4

Before you do anything for resetting your console, you need to understand that a factory reset erases everything available on the console’s hard drive, even if it can remove the system software. So, it isn’t good to always factory reset PS4. It is the last option if you aren’t able to fix software glitches and any other issues on your console. 

Further, you can try two different ways to reset your PS4 console. The recommended ways are through the PS4 dashboard and Safe Mode. These reset methods are enough to solve boot-up issues. We will include both ways in this article. But first of all, we will learn to use the PS4 dashboard.   

How to factory reset a PS4 console through the dashboard?

These are the steps to factory reset a PS4 through its dashboard. 

  • Log in to your PlayStation 4 console and go to the settings menu

Use your console and go to the settings menu. From here, you have to find an Account Management option. Then you will have to inactivate the machine as a primary PS4. Through this setting, you can access downloaded games without an internet connection by finding your specific PS4. Missing this step will lead to other issues when you log in to your PS4 and start playing games.   

  • Deactivate your PlayStation

Find Activate your Primary PS4 option. If you find your PS4 in active mode, then the Activate option will appear in gray. If this is the case, you will have the Deactivate option. So, you need to tap the Deactivate option and then tap Yes from the next screen. 

  • Login to your account again

Here you have to sign in to your account again. So, sign in and navigate to the settings menu. 

  • Locate an option called Initialization from the settings     

From the Settings menu, you have to go down and tap on Initialization. Then you will have some more options. Here you have to skip the Clear Learning Dictionary. Then you will find Restore Default Settings next to the previous option. This option will wipe the saved data from settings and take you to the PS4 in the factory settings without erasing the hard drive. 

Next, you will see an option called Initialize PS4 that will wipe the entire hard drive, including downloaded games, saved games, and everything that you have stored on your console from the beginning. After using this option, your PlayStation 4 will look like the new one. 

  • Select Full option from the Initialize screen

This is what you need. In this step, you will have to wait for hours or even more. After you start the wiping process, a progress bar will appear. That will take hours to finish. After getting the procedure done, you will need to start from scratch on your PS4 console. 

How to factory reset a PS4 console using Safe Mode

If you aren’t able to reset your console through the above method, here is another one. You can do the factory reset from Safe Mode. Here is how. 

  • Shut off your PlayStation 4  

In the first step, you will have to power off the console entirely. Setting the console in the Rest Mode won’t allow access to the device in Safe Mode. So, you have completely shut off the console. 

  • Press and don’t release the power button until you hear two beeps

Locate the power button on your console and press and hold it. Avoid doing it using the controller. You have to keep holding the button for at least eight seconds. You will hear the beep sound once you touch the button and again before the boot-up process. 

  • Select the reset option you want

You can try three different approaches to factory reset your PlayStation 4 console through the Safe Mode option. For example, from the Settings menu, an option called Restore Default Settings will let you erase everything you have stored yet on your console and turn it into the original state. 

Another option you can try is to Initialize PS4. It will erase everything from your hard drive while maintaining the system software. 

The third option requires you to install the system software again. It is to Initialize PS4. It will be a complete factory reset for your console. 

  • Try Initialize PS4 if your console hasn’t any software issues

The option Initialize PS4 will wipe the hard drive without doing anything with the operating system. Here, you can also select from Quick and Full initializations. 

What are ways to reinstall system software on PS4?

You can install the system software again on your console, but it will be a harder reset compared to the complete initialization. It will remove all programs from the console. Moreover, after resetting the console, you need to use a different device to reinstall the software. 

  • Download PlayStation 4 firmware from the official source

Use your computer and look for the newer system software. For this, you can visit the PlayStation website and download it on your PC. Now you will need to send the update on the console through a flash drive or external drive. The storage drive you will use should have 1.1GB of available space. 

  • Please make a new folder on your storage device and use PS4 to name it

Within that folder, you have to make a new one on the name of “UPDATE” using only capital letters. Then move the firmware file into the “UPDATE” folder. Check if the file name is “PS4UPDATE.PUP” and then save it. 

  • Boot your console in Safe Mode

Go through the above instructions to boot-up your console in Safe Mode. Press and hold the power button to hear two beeps that will lead the boot-up process. 

  • Select Initialize PS4 on your console

This is the final step for reinstalling system software on PS4. Here you need to follow the onscreen prompts. And you will find your console has been wiped completely. Then you will find direction on the screen to use a USB drive and install the system software. 

Source:- https://reach-antivirus.com/a-complete-guide-to-factory-reset-a-ps4

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