Advantages of hiring a car from a good car rental company

Posted by Cretarent on July 15th, 2015

People rent a car mostly while going for family vacations, business trips or use it as a replacement when their own vehicle is under repair. Whatever might be the reason or circumstances, hiring a car can have many perks than taking your own vehicle along. Additionally, when it comes from a good company, the deal becomes even more advantageous as all the car you have hired will be in the best condition. When you are travelling to a new place altogether, relying on a rental car is better than choosing any public means of transport. Below mentioned are a few advantages of hiring a car from the right rental company. 

1. Assurance for quality

When one tends to hire the car, the basic necessity is its quality. When on a family vacation, there might be places where the public transportation is limited. At such times, getting the best car hired will help you in covering huge distances along with sightseeing without any hassles. When the cars come from the right company, one will not have to worry about the quality of the car. From SUV to a minivan, everything will be offered with the best quality to all the customers.

 2. Maintenance in check

The cars that are hired from a good company will be maintained to function in the right way. Imagine the scene where you are on a long trip and the car breaks down leaving you in searching for a mechanic in a strange place. However, with the good car rentals, this problem is already dealt at the earliest and the customer will not have to worry about the maintenance as well. Thus, your money on sudden breakdowns of the rental car is reduced considerably.

 3. Cost effective rates

When you tend to rent the car from the best company, the rental costs will be quite affordable. Additionally, even if the vehicle breaks down all of a sudden, the cost of the repair will be handled by the company. In case of a massive break down, the company will arrange another car within no time. Along with carrying out the repairs, they will ensure that all your needs with the rentals are duly fulfilled. The charges for the sightseeing will be quite affordable and one will be able to save enough money on accommodation while on a holiday. 

Most importantly, one will have the leverage of choosing the right choosing the car of their choice while relying on the rental services. The legal documents as well as all the other necessary things that are needed while driving the vehicle are provided by the rental company. From choosing the color of the vehicle to the model of the car, everything can be done in the right manner. This is often not offered by all the companies and one has to choose the right one before renting any car while vacationing on any island or a new place altogether.

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at, a renowned car rental Crete company with 40 years of experience of providing rent a car in Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and hiring cars in Heraklion and Chania airports. If you are looking to hire a car in Crete then you can visit car rental services in Crete.

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