What Distinguishes an Inspiring Corporate Gift From a Lackluster Gift?

Posted by Successories on April 17th, 2021

Has a member of your team shown incredible work ethic, made substantial progress, or brought some much-needed positivity to the team in recent months? All of these things deserve recognition, so consider giving them a little something to show your appreciation. The best employee gifts all share a few similarities, elevating them above the standard “just because” gifts you might have seen in the past. Here are three qualities that distinguish the most encouraging corporate gifts from those lackluster alternatives, as well as a few ideas to keep in mind the next time you are giving a gift.

It’s Positive and Uplifting

A successful employee gift will be positive and uplifting in nature. Sure, a gift card to a coffee shop might offer your team member a fleeting sense of appreciation, but truthfully, it goes into their wallet in the hopes they will use it before forgetting about it entirely. Instead, inspiring corporate gifts radiate positive energy, offering your team member a sense of pride in their accomplishments. From a custom plaque to a daily essential, like a notebook with an uplifting reminder on the front, the best corporate gifts are designed with happiness and positivity in mind.

It Fits the Occasion or Achievement

You can give a lackluster gift for just about any occasion, but a thoughtful gift, like a personalized bag or tote that is both stylish and functional, is a great way to acknowledge your employees for specific achievements or on specific occasions. The best employee gifts will celebrate something specific, helping to reinforce the meaning behind it and the message you wanted to convey. Most leaders give corporate gifts with a purpose behind them, hoping the gift will inspire their team member to continue giving their all. The best employee gifts will reinforce your positive intention and help the recipient strive toward even better results in the future.

It’s Personal in Some Way

As any good gift-giver knows, the best gifts are personal. Without a doubt, this applies to corporate gifts as well. While some companies might not feel inclined to give personal gifts, you don’t need to know everything about a team member to give a personalized gift. For example, even just having their name or their achievement printed on their award or engraved on a plaque is personal enough to show that you took the time to think about them. Unique gifts show you care and that you’re willing to go above and beyond for the people who go above and beyond for your organization.

Successful Employee Gift Ideas

With these three attributes of encouraging gifts in mind, here are a few specific gift ideas:

• A desk clock to celebrate a significant achievement, complete with a personalized plaque.

• A stress reliever desk toy with a positive, uplifting message.

• A mug set with an inspiring mug and drink mix they can enjoy at work or at home.

• A gift set with essentials like a notebook, pens, carrying bag all with a motivating message.

These are just a few of many awesome ideas. Be sure to shop with a brand specializing in employee gifts, like Successories, for example, and find the perfect corporate gifts for your team.

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