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Posted by freemexy on April 17th, 2021

Apple's latest iPhone 12 models -- and presumably all iPhones going forward -- have a new feature called MagSafe. It allows snap-on magnetized accessories to clip to the back of the phone -- everything from magnetic wireless charging pucks to wallets for storing credit cards and cash. MagSafe cases extend the magnetism from the phone to the case, so you can use the MagSafe feature while protecting your iPhone at the same time.To get more news about iPhone 12 MagSafe wireless charger, you can visit esrgear official website.

Several MagSafe-enabled cases -- not just Apple's -- are on our list of best iPhone 12 cases. But this best list is all about wireless MagSafe chargers that allow for fast Qi wireless charging. To that end, here's a few things to keep in mind:

A true MagSafe wireless charger will get you the potential for the fastest wireless charging rate (up to 15 watts instead 7.5 watts or 10 watts that some chargers deliver) on iPhones.
Official MagSafe products -- those blessed by Apple -- will include a "Made for MagSafe" badge on the box. However, plenty of other manufacturers have created magnetic wireless chargers that look and feel like MagSafe accessories. They're also far more affordable than the official MagSafe offerings, but here's the catch: they offer less powerful charging (limited to 7.5 watts). We've included these non-official products in this list, but know that they'll charge only half as fast (for iPhones), even if they are capable of wirelessly charging certain Android smartphones at up to 15 watts (those that support 15-watt fast wireless charging).
To get that maximum power, you'll need a 20 watts USB-C PD charger -- ideally one that is certified as Power Delivery 3.0. (The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Mini include a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box, but not the charger.) Some companies offer bundles that include a MagSafe wireless charging puck with a USB-C power adapter while others, like Apple, sell the puck and power adapter separately.
Most of the MagSafe chargers (aftermarket and MagSafe-certified) will charge other Qi-compatible devices, like some older iPhones and Android phones. You just won't get the magnetic adhesion.
If you need to also get a charger, our list of best USB-C chargers has plenty of options. That will, of course, work for wired charging, too -- which will always be faster than MagSafe or other wireless charging options.
Note that I've personally, if anecdotally, used all of the products listed below. Again, the non-official MagSafe offerings are fine if you're not concerned with charging speed (such as if you're charging overnight).

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