5 Reasons Mendota Fireplaces Are So Popular

Posted by ThompsonGas on July 15th, 2015

Gas fireplaces are more energy efficient and aesthetically suitable for most homes. Modern designs are available to suit the most cutting edge and contemporary interior designs. Mendota is one of the leading brands of gas fireplaces you can find online—and it’s easy to see why! Mendota  products include gas fireplaces and gas inserts, both of which are popular with different homeowners and discerning interior designers.

Here are five reasons why Mendota Fireplaces are so popular:

  1. Propane gas fireplaces are dramatic and distinctive – They come in a wide variety of styles. Mendota lets customers customize their fireplaces as well. This way, you can have a reasonably priced, luxurious, traditional or straightforward design.
  2. Mendota gas fireplaces are highly efficient – They are AGA and ANSI certified to prove their high efficiency while adding comfort and warmth to your home. Mendota developed the BurnGreen gas burner and control system, an advanced fireplace technology that ensures fuel conservation while reducing your carbon footprint—even including a user-friendly digital thermostat. Fireplaces with BurnGreen technology have a high CSA P.4 efficiency rating and a high CFM value that exceeds 200. These numbers certify higher energy efficiency and annual fireplace effectiveness. The higher the rating, the more efficient the fireplace.
  3. Gas inserts for a draft-free option – Mendota offers gas fireplace inserts if you do not like cleaning up ashes and dealing with a drafty room. Direct vent gas fireplace inserts will convert an existing wood-burning fireplace into a more convenient, energy efficient centerpiece of your room. Mendota expertly engineers their gas inserts for existing enclosures. These products produce less than a percentage of toxic particle emissions..
  4. Mendota gas fireplaces are available from authorized dealers – If you cannot find an official Mendota store nearby, you can purchase fireplaces from authorized dealers in your area. Some of these authorized dealers specialize in delivering propane as well, so you can get an additional service to ensure that your fireplace will be ready to use every time you need it.
  5. Gas fireplaces save money – A Mendota gas fireplace can heat a room more efficiently and evenly, with heat lasting up to 40 times longer than a wood fireplace without the harmful emissions. This lets you reduce your energy and heating bills while ensuring a warm and comfortable home.

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