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Posted by AxelPrice on July 15th, 2015

Sash windows or box sash windows London can be found to many British homes. Cottages, bungalows and country homes have sash windows where one sash moves or slides over the other in vertical or horizontal direction. With more attention towards conservation of heritage structures, sash windows have made a comeback and are now being incorporated even in modern buildings. The weight of the movable sash is counterbalanced by cords, weights and pulleys, which are set in a box hidden in the space created by overlapping liners of each sash. For London box sash windows consult experts for properly aligned windows or for repair of existing ones.

Construction of box sash windows London is done in such a manner that the box containing weights, pulleys and cords are hidden by external brick or stone and the windows are set back in a rebated reveal structure. The structure of London box sash windows is simple and quite often frames of casement windows are hollowed out and refurbished to hold the sashes in place. The advantage of putting the pulley and cords in a separate box is that it can be separated easily during repairs. Traditionally, the lower sash is made to move upwards. The sash pulley was earlier made of either brass or wood. They were quite expensive.

In the earliest box sash windows London crown glass were used, which were made by blowing. This glass was famous for its unique sparkle. Expensive plate glass was used in front facades or only for those who could afford. Later, sheet glass was used in a variety of designs. A beneficial feature was added to the traditional design where the sash could be tilted in to help in the cleaning process. Modern London box sash windows have a click fit to hold the movable sash in place. Provision is also made to remove the sliding sashes easily during repair and general maintenance.

Now you have a wide choice of frames for box sash windows London such as wood, steel, aluminum or UPVC. But authentic sash windows are constructed of timber. For a longer life they are sometimes reinforced with metal on the exterior. The aesthetic appeal is kept intact with wood on the inner parts. Composite frames for London box sash windows are ideal for modern homes. People today pay attention to looks along with easy maintenance and better protection from weather. Modern homes have various requirements for thermal and soundproofing. Central heating and cooling systems need doors and windows with proper sealing so that there is no energy loss.

Best London box sash windows are manufactured with hand by master craftsmen. So you will be the proud owner of hand crafted master pieces which will look attractive and appealing. The company will take care to provide you with box sash windows London which will blend seamlessly with the architecture and décor of your house. Each window will be customized according to your taste and requirement. Even if you desire to replace and refurbish one window at a time or all the windows, equal attention will be paid. Detailed survey will be conducted prior to providing you with a quotation. Rates for sash window installation, repair or refurbishment are quite reasonable too.

Trust only the market leaders for London box sash windows. Your house will get a whole new look with box sash windows London.

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