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Posted by AxelPrice on July 15th, 2015

Doors and windows not only provide safety and security but they also add up to the aesthetics of a house. That is why it is crucial to opt for stylish yet sturdy doors. Recent architectural trends show that people are preferring doors that are chic yet easy to use and maintain. Since a long time, wooden French doors London have topped the popularity list because not only do they add glamour to a house but also offer a wide range of advantages. In case you are unaware of the benefits of installing French doors London, let us learn more about them here.

Also known as French windows, French doors London are composed of a number of glass panels of varying sizes. You can install these doors to link your rooms or to provide access to outdoor areas like gardens, balconies, patios etc. From the name itself it is evident that these doors have their origin in France. Influenced by the magnificent architecture during the French Renaissance period and the Great Italian Wars, these doors are the epitome of elegance. Although materials like wrought iron and steel are used to make the door frame, the elegance is further enhanced with the use of top quality timber in the wooden French doors London.

In terms of aesthetics, the greatest quality of French doors London is that there is no dearth of designs. Right from the glass type, frame type, materials, size, colour etc., you have a wide range of available options. If you want the highest level of sturdiness coupled with classical flavours, it is wise to opt for wooden French doors London. Apart from the sturdiness and the aesthetic factor, wooden doors offer great longevity and insulation. Moreover, French doors can be used for different purposes. for example, as a partition or to create a separate closet etc.

In case you have limited space, you can use pocket French doors London. Instead of opening on a hinge, these doors slide into a wall and helps in saving space. Similar to the pocket doors, sliding French doors are very common for small balconies, because, rather than taking up space, they slide when opened or closed. Moreover, wooden French doors London raise the value of your home and provide indirect property profit. Another advantage of installing French doors is that they expose the whole house to sunlight. They make rooms brighter, save a certain percentage of your electricity bill and bring you closer to nature.

There is one benefit that makes French doors unique and that is they give the illusion that a room is bigger than what it actually is. Moreover, unlike other doors, French doors London provides a visual transparent bridge between the outdoors and indoors. In case you are thinking that French doors take away security, you are wrong. You can install highly advanced locks and security systems and keep your family safe and secure. Finally, these doors are water and fire resistant and they do not flex. Thus, whenever you feel the need to change your old windows, definitely replace them with wooden French doors London.

Opt for French doors London as they offer a wide range of benefits like insulation, natural light, additional space, illusion of a larger area and many more. Replace your old doors with sturdy and durable wooden French doors London and stay happy.

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