NRVT's 'Cry Balm' Focuses on The Sharing of Energy in An International Perspective

Posted by william on April 17th, 2021


London, The United Kingdom, April 13, 2021: The song 'Cry Balm' is an amazing creation of NRVT. The song is amidst the paradiddle of Jamaica though the rudiment is different and like 'left right left' and 'right left right'. NRVT do vaguely remember his lessons of drumming and has left his drumming patterns in the purple folder. 'Cry Balm' talks about the energy sharing between men, women and friends. It talks about the advanced level of life we lead adding some international perspective to it. The music of this song is a mixture of Rap, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Dance and Reggae.

NRVT Offers Unique Soundtracks to His Fans And People Love Him For His Versatility:
NRVT has already released a few tracks which are getting loved by people. As being a versatile rapper, he has produced unique songs which talk about things nobody ever did. His songs like 'Livingroom Shaking', 'Cry Balm', 'Midnight Riviera', 'Gasoline and Petrol', 'Big Boat Jamaica' are the most popular singles by him. You can find the tracks of NRVT on well-known music platforms like Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Tidal Napster and many more. He has said that he can go back to his past, down his memory lane to remember something that he had learned in past. And such memories which can be helpful today are useful. NRVT explains that the tons of informations that provide you with food and clothing then they become a treasure. Nobody can steal that from you and then the muscles can only play the role to make you win or lose.

The Link of 'Cry Balm':

About NRVT:
NRVT is a London based rapper who has graduated from the University of London.

Media Contact:
Kernow House
Gas Hill
Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2XP
United Kingdom

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