How to Choose the Best Wildlife Jewellery Designers

Posted by thenativebond on April 17th, 2021

When you are thinking of the finest jewellery designers, the sea of options can be staggering out there. The industry flows with so many artists, but unfortunately, it is too hard to tell the copycats and the genuine ones. However, with some tips as below, it should not be hard to find the best wildlife jewellery designersthat you can trust to get you the right pieces.

  1. Go for experience

Firstly, you need to consider a designer who has been in the field for a lot longer than others have. This should be someone who has worked on several dozens of pieces and for various clients before you. If you have several on your shortlist, ask for their portfolios and a list of references to confirm all this.

  1. Research more

Before you decide to settle on one artist, you can give yourself some extra time to research more about the other designers that catch your eye. This could be designers that you saw online displaying their wildlife charity jewellery or running a cause using their pieces. You can go through their websites, portfolios, and social media channels and check out what they do before deciding on them.

  1. Check their credentials

In such an era where everything has several copycats, it would not be surprising to have a wildlife jewellery designers selling you a copycat of an original piece. While you may not know from the look of things, you might realize it when it is already late. To stay safe from such misfortunes, it would help if you checked every individual designer’s credentials before trusting them with your request.

By credentials, it means looking for professional certifications recognizing their skills and expertise. If they have a website, you should be able to check and confirm this. While at it, check their affiliation with professional bodies, for example, national jewellery institutes, guilds, or vendors.

  1. Think long-term

You are not asking for a piece of jewellery for the first and last time. Therefore, it would be helpful if you thought of a long-term relationship with a designer. If you need fundraising jewellery often, for example, you might want to work with someone who can get you that any time.

Lastly, talk to your close relations. You can ask your close friends and relatives to refer you to their preferred designers. With their suggestions, it should be easier to choose.

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