Types of Designs for your Thick Business Cards

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Business cards are very important in the business world. First they create a good first impression. Secondly they foster your relationship with customers, business associates or clients. Finally the cards drive more sales. However, all these will only be determined by how you present or make your cards. Thick business cards are presentable and tell a lot about you and your business. In fact they are a deciding factor on whether the card should be kept for future use or be disposed of. The functions and roles played by the cards depend on factors like:


This gives a raised impression to your thick business cards. The opposite of embossing is debossing which depresses the details on your card. Both processes use a metallic plate which is stamped to create the desired impression. The process is ideal for a larger design and type of thick business cards and makes everything be better and visualized more by the recipient.


Your thick business cards should also have lamination which is a soft satin finishing. After printing the cards in full color lamination crowns it all up and makes the card waterproof, durable and be resistant to wear or tear. Apart from satin you can go for matte or gloss finish. The most common type of lamination is the silk laminated cards which uses silk even though you can choose other options.

Die Cutting

This is basically putting round corners onto your thick business cards. Alternatively you can have other patterns but the round corner looks better and more professional. Just avoid complicated patterns which might ruin the overall look of your cards. For custom designs a special cut-outs should be made for uniformity and duplication purposes. Printers have standard dies but it is upon you to make the right choice on what suits you best.

Foil Stamping

The foil stamps are a trendy design. It is simply a layer of heat stamping which goes all through the cards. In addition to the design this is very important and shows your mindfulness or creativity to the recipients. Most foils are either silver or gold. Other types of foils are metallic, colored or translucent foils. So long as the printing company places the foil well your thick business cards will look presentable.


It is one of the oldest forms of business card designs. A reversed metal is used to stamp and ink the business card. The new revival of this technique is coming up with the artisan printing companies and they can also look good on your thick business cards. They are unique and look almost similar to the debossed effect because of their slight indentation.

These features are important to consider when getting your thick business cards. You shouldn’t have a plain business card which will have nothing attractive to the recipient. If you are not sure of what to get you should approach your printer who will help you decide on what’s ideal for you. The printing companies also have templates, past designs and other suggestions which will prove important to you.

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