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Posted by Emerson Benjamin on April 18th, 2021

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What is an IQ test?

From the name, of course we know that the IQ test is a test that functions to measure the level of a person's intelligence, which is reflected in his ability to solve problems, adapt to the environment, and process, process, and utilize new information to deal with everyday problems.

What aspects are measured on an IQ test?

There are various kinds of aspects that are measured, depending on the type of test used, including: logical thinking ability, systematic thinking, differential ability, analysis-synthesis skills, mathematical abilities, environmental insight, power shadow space, flexibility of thinking, and so on. From all these aspects, when viewed from the history of the development of IQ tests, the important thing that determines high or low IQ scores is in terms of the speed of processing information , including: speed in sensory processing, processing information, and using information to solve existing problems. - in the language of psychology it is called  reaction time. That's why all IQ tests are always in the form speed test,  using the time limit in each subtest. And that is also why, intelligent people are usually agile, quick to think and react; while slow people are often associated with less intelligence.

Intelligence Quotient tests help analyze Intelligence Quotient through determining short and long-lasting mind. They additionally measure how properly and quickly individuals can easily handle challenges and recollect details they've listened to. You may simply receive free iq test with instant results via online.

What is the benefit or purpose of an IQ test?

The IQ test is useful to determine a person's intelligence level and whether his or her intelligence capacity has been used optimally or not in everyday life. In addition, the IQ test is also usually used as one of the requirements or guidelines for admission of students, students, or even employees at an educational institution or company.

Is a person's IQ permanent or variable?

In theory, IQ is permanent, so it can also be said to be influenced by heredity. However, some aspects of intelligence can be studied because it is full of cultural content. This is what often makes IQ fluctuate, although usually the changes are still within the same limit or category. A child with a science major, for example, may score better in mathematics than a child majoring in social studies, because of the effect of practice and frequent number problems in his daily life. In addition, another factor that has the potential to make IQ scores fluctuate is the frequency and interval the IQ test is performed on, especially with the same test tool. In this case, the learning effect is certainly very decisive and if done repeatedly, then the next IQ score becomes less relevant in representing that person's level of intelligence. So, a person's IQ score may fluctuate, but the level of intelligence is usually relatively sedentary, in the same intelligence category.

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What does the IQ score mean?

In general, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score represents a comparison of a person's mental and chronological age. However, behind the analogy, it would certainly be more relevant to interpret IQ scores according to the category. If someone is said to have an IQ of 120, it means that he has 20 points higher than the average individual his or her age, because the number 100 is a number that is the point of average individual intelligence of a person of that age.

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