5 Important Tips For Maintaining A Garage Door To Make It Work Perfectly

Posted by Emerson Benjamin on April 18th, 2021

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Garage doors are the largest moving part of your house and go up and down about a thousand times a year. In order to function properly, efficiently and smoothly, it is important to maintain them well. When it comes to garage door maintenance, there are a number of tips homeowners can take to make the door work properly. It is therefore not necessary to change the door or spend money on unnecessary repairs. You should perform thorough maintenance on the garage door at least every three months or if necessary.

Maintaining a garage door is not a science. All you need is to know some tips and tricks and you will have a garage door that moves and works smoothly like new. To help all homeowners who are unsure of what needs to be done to maintain their garage door, here are some important tips to get you started.

For several, they just realise the usefulness of a garage door once it begins to malfunction. Prior to that takes place, you must call Professional garage door supplier Manassas VA Services for routine evaluation and upkeep. Listed below are actually several of the many things you may expect our qualified experts to do:


If your garage door is creaking or jamming, it is not correct to spray grease on the garage door guide immediately. This will not help the garage door to work properly and will damage the garage door guide. Spraying a suitable garage door lubricant on the garage door guide without prior proper cleaning can lead to the accumulation of particles that harden over time and affect the trouble-free operation of your garage door.

Instead of rushing to lubricate the garage door when it gets stuck, or when it is noisy, you should first thoroughly clean the garage door guide. All that is needed is to wipe the inside of the guide rails of the garage door with a clean damp cloth. Once the inside of the guide rails is clean, wipe it with a dry cloth and apply grease. If you need a solution to get rid of the sticky residue left on the garage door guide, you can use WD-40 to clean it. WD40 is an ideal product for lubricating garage doors.


If you are looking for energy savings, installing a seal in a garage door is a great choice that also prevents moisture from entering the garage, thus keeping the interior of the garage safe and healthy. Weatherproof seals should be used on the underside of the garage door, on the door frame and between the garage door panels for their effective operation.


Garage door sensors are an important part needed for the garage door to function properly. One of the reasons why they may not work properly is to misalign them, so they need to balance. All you have to do to re-align them is to gently push them in the right direction. They must be facing each other to be in the right position. If they are not aligned correctly, you will see flashing lights, which is an indicator that they need to be aligned. Once they are properly aligned and positioned correctly, you will see flashing lights replace the steady light.


If the garage door closes for a short time before it opens automatically, or if it stops before it reaches the bottom dead center, the garage door opener must be reset. Each garage door has specific reset instructions, but the basic steps to follow are as follows:

turn off the power to the garage door

wait 10 seconds

turn on the power

After switching the door on again, press the down arrow button until the garage door reaches the bottom dead center and closes completely.


One of the absolute most vital things for the effective as well as dependable procedure of your garage door is its proper oiling, which will stop squealing noise when opening or closing the garage door. Lubrication ensures smooth and trouble-free operation. For lubricating garage doors, the best choice is to use a garage door lubricant, which works especially well for garage door parts such as chain bar, metal rollers, ball bearings, hinges, shafts, locks, lock and shoulder bar. Agent WD-40 Multi-Use Product- like lubricant for garage doors is ideal for this purpose. Not only does it lubricate garage doors properly, but it also provides protection against moisture that leads to corrosion.

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When it comes to the best lubricant for garage doors, nothing compares to WD-40. For more than 60 years, this has been the best choice for lubricating garage doors, which keeps them in top condition. The product is widely used because it not only provides garage doors with lubrication, but also helps prevent rust and corrosion. It can also withstand heat and cold, which is ideal for lubricating garage doors.

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