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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on April 18th, 2021

Now that you’ve broken down your decorating plan to one room at a time, take the same concept and focus on finding the most important piece in the room. Whether you have a tiny desk stuck in the corner of your bedroom or an entire room dedicated for a home office, you can’t go wrong with adding some cute desk accessories. Not only will these pieces add to the aesthetic of your desk set-up, but they’ll also make sitting down to work just a little bit more enjoyable. Use cute decorative objects on your bookshelves to make them absolutely gorgeous. Layer on the homespun calico fabrics and pick out a few wood-carved decorative accents to really give your home the country style feel you are trying to achieve. With the country style home décor, you want to pick furniture and accents that have character and seemingly get better with age. Much like fashion, there is a rhyme and reason to interior design. Aesthetics matter here, so avoid torn, distressed, or ripped issues. Neutral living rooms can look summery and fresh, but you never want to hit the point where it looks like you’re living in a box of saltines. The judicious use of a strong, authoritative shade like black can offer some contrast. Paint a wooden board with the word ‘welcome’ or ‘bienvenidos’ to place on your front porch or in your entryway. Whether for the holidays or just because, DIY a hoop garland you can hang your favorite photos on. Paint it in your favorite color or a bright metallic so it can hang in your home all year long. Arrange your photo prints in the shape of a heart and glue them to a canvas. For those who like trendier options, though, you might want to opt for peel-and-stick wallpapers at first. This is the softest towel we tested—it feels like a plush towel from a luxury hotel and comes in a wider variety of sumptuous colors than any other we found. There’s no point in having nice towel bars if they’re holding frayed or mismatched towels. Recycle your old ones and buy new towels and washcloths in a single solid color . If kitchen cabinets and the bathroom vanity cabinet are simple and in good shape, it’s often possible to paint them a new color for a different look. Everyone has items they need to store to keep off of countertops and the floor—but instead of using plastic bins, try storage that’s both functional and stylish. Rope baskets, cute bins and even ottomans that feature extra storage are all wonderful options for keeping things tidy and aesthetic at the same time. It might just be one of the most essential home decor ideas out there. Whether you want to create an accent wall or completely change the feel of your home, you can’t go wrong with wallpaper—both removable and permanent. If you know exactly what you want (and don’t think you’ll change your mind), go for a permanent wallpaper in a classic pattern. “Make sure it is neat and tidy—that alone speaks volumes.” For some interior design ideas,these vintage shelves offer enough room for both books and trinkets. Take note of the preexisting features in your home you can highlight for house decorating ideas. Architectural details such as crown molding, wooden beams, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves, and mosaic-tile backsplashes are all worth focusing on. Replace carpeting with hardwood floors to make your space feel bigger, suggests Hairston. “Carpet tends to trap in dust and particulates and absorbs moisture which can leave an odor,” she says. Here are 31 more home improvements that will double the value of your house. No matter what your bedding style, increasing the thread METALLIC PRINTS count for your sheets will instantly make your sleep space more luxe, says Wynter. Don’t worry about sacrificing tough for comfort, these sheets are both durable and luxurious. One of the most basic interior design tips is to follow the rule of threes and leave a generous amount of white space on your walls and surfaces. Another easy and affordable home decor idea for your living room and bedroom is to hang unique art pieces on the walls. From family photos to DIY art, framed works can make a house feel like a home. Before mounting any work, homeowners should figure out where everything should be placed and the proper way to hang it. “Make sure the art you select is the right size and scale for the wall you’re decorating, and remember you don’t need artwork on every empty wall,” says Jillian. An accent wall adds texture and character to a living room or bedroom. Brighten your living room or bedroom with vibrant colors like pink, yellow and blue. “Velvet or velour has both a luxurious feel and look,” says Croughan. “In fact, most soft-to-touch fabrics work best.” Go bold with a deep jewel tone or pair a neutral color scheme with pastel “ice cream shades” like mint green or blush, she says. Trim sheets of colored vinyl into geometric shapes like triangles and squares. Glue wooden boards together and paint them with a weathered look to make your own rustic home decor. Personalize a paperweight for your office or living room for decor that is creative but also functional. Pick a thoughtful quote to keep you thinking positive throughout the day. When deciding on your DIY home projects, don’t forget seasonal and holiday decor. This beautiful craft will have your curtain tiebacks looking spiffy! The project utilizes popular fabrics like burlap and lace to create a finished product that will fit any farmhouse or shabby chic style home. This is a neat idea that would look great in any teenage girl’s bedroom or in a dorm!

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