5 Easy Ways to Build Mobile Apps Without Coding

Posted by apprat on April 18th, 2021

Are you looking for the best no code mobile app builder for your startup? If yes, you might know that with the rapid increase in mobile phones, the app's importance has increased significantly in the past few years. These apps have become an essential part of every business, and there are 34 billion apps download this year now.

But the problem is that app development is very costly, with an average price of 00 for the product alone. Therefore, you might think, "Can we do app development ourselves without coding?" and the answer is "yes." Many app builders available can help you build a mobile app easily. Besides, these app builders will also help you add dynamic functionalities and e-Commerce models rapidly without coding.

Keep reading the article, and we will tell you the eight best no code web app builderthat we have shortlisted for your help.


According to our experts, apprat.io is one of the best no code mobile app builder due to its easy interface and compatibility with all the App Stores. Furthermore, it supports web apps that can open in a browser, too. It has a super easy mobile drag and drop interface and allows users to build Android, web, or iOS easily with any prior programming experience.

Apart from the easy drag and drop feature, apprat.io also has plenty of built-in templates to make development easier for users. In short, you can select templates to build dating apps, restaurant apps, business apps, and much more. Furthermore, you can integrate social media, add dynamic content, push notifications, and Google Ads for advanced functionalities in apprat.io.

It is one of the best no code web app builder that has helped tons of users in app development by now. This platform provides an affordable plan for launching apps.


Swiftic is also a great app builder because of its features, like making money and engaging your customers. Moreover, swiftic is very easy to use and helps you build an app in three steps with thousands of available templates. You have to follow these three steps to create a pro app for your startup.

  • Select an App Category
  • Choose a Theme
  • Insert data and Publish

It also comes with many advanced features like drag and drops customization, custom menu, user feed, pushes notifications, and custom menus. It further includes advanced analytical tools to make tracking easier for you. 

This app builder provides a free version to the user. You can also upgrade it with monthly (two years payment plan), monthly (per year payment plan), and monthly.


Its ability to integrate with 3rd party software and APIs makes it the best app builder for advanced app development. Furthermore, its compatibility with IOS, Windows, and Android operating systems also makes it an excellent choice for your app. Besides, it enjoys first-class app development features that increase flexibility and help you scale the app efficiently.

You can integrate various advanced features to your apps like mail chips, cross-selling plugins, upselling plugins, Shopify, and many others. Further, you can add a user profile and push notifications too. With an easy drag and drop features and plugins, it makes it an excellent choice for techies and non-techies.

Although BuildFire offers a free trial, its premium packages are much costly. Its growth plan starts from 9/month. While, its business plan starts from 9/month, which is much expensive. Its enterprise plan is even much costly and has a price tag of 4/month.


Suppose you are looking for another option of no code web app builder. In that case, AppInstitute can help you because of its simple design and ability to manage small businesses. It takes four easy steps to build a mobile application. Follow the steps below to launch your application now!

  • Choose your favorite template.
  • Add logo, gallery, and social media links.
  • Customize the settings
  • Publish your website

However, it lacks customer integration, but its online chat support and complete brand control over the app make it an excellent option for a small businessperson. Therefore, if you are running a small business or brand, AppInstitute is a fantastic option for your app development.

Further, this app builder provides you with a free trial and doesn't charge you until you want to publish your app. However, you can upgrade your app for just that is very cost-friendly.


AppMakr is another fantastic app builder that does not restrict the number of apps you can build and the number of updates you can add. Furthermore, this cloud-based application gives full access to HTML5, which helps you further customize your design with coding if you need it. In short, this platform is handy for building any IOS and Windows apps.

Apart from easy design and interfacing, this app builder provides you with advanced features like in-app shopping, google maps, live updates, chatbox, shared event calendars, and video streaming as well. In short, this app builder is beneficial if you want a custom design with various integrations.

Another significant edge of AppMakr is that it doesn't demand monthly payments. Instead, it accepts a one-time fee of to publish your app.

Bottom Line:

In today's world, when apps are essential for every business, the price of app development is also much higher. However, there is an easy and cost-efficient solution. You can build an app yourself for your business utilizing no code mobile app builder available online. These app builders are very advanced nowadays and provide you with dynamic functionalities as well.

The question is which app builder is easier to use for non-techies and provides advanced features. For this, you can check the above five app builders that we have shortlisted for you, keeping in view the apps' ease, features, and pricing.

That's all from today's article. If you still have any queries in mind about app builders, feel free to contact us for any help.

Don't forget to consider our suggested app builders for your applications.

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