Cartier Love rings true and false identification,let you say goodbye and replica

Posted by jewelrybrand on July 18th, 2015

Cartier Love 18K White Gold Necklace.REF:B7013700

“Jewelry Emperor” France Cartier jewelry is one of the world’s three major brands, has a Cartier ring is mostly a woman’s dream, Cartier Love jewelry women can meet all the requirements and expectations. But how to identify the authenticity of the ring it?

Cartier love ring replica and original identification: The first one

From the price perspective, Cartier is one of the world’s top jewelry company, a high-end brand positioning. Cartier Jewelry owned by its elegant design style popular with major stars like royalty. Cartier cheapest in a narrow version of the ring k gold price at $ 10000 domestic look, platinum-called rare than gold, prices are not cheap, about $ 2459 in the way. Far from the big brands sell products but visibility. Part Cartier ring Price:
1. Cartier LOVE ring without diamond platinum $ 3246;
2. screw pattern without drilling rose and gold (18K) $ 1000;
3. screw pattern without drilling Gold (18K) $ 1107;
4.PT950 platinum $ 2623. If you add the drill, the general added 20 points, probably added $ 819.

Replica Cartier rings true and false identification: The second measure

Diamond ring, then we should see cut, cut quality and value of diamonds is to determine only the human factor, which determines the diamond’s color and bright, it has been hailed as the birth of a second diamond beautiful – good cut diamond can internal bright light through the careful arrangement of the cutting surface and released. Visible, cut not only decide the merits of the wedding ring is beautiful, but also directly affect the value of the wedding ring.

Clarity of a diamond, the higher the more precious. Diamond in the crystallization process, often with subtle natural mark, recording a long and wonderful diamond formation process, it is the gift of nature, such as fingerprints, so that each diamond is unique. If you zoom in 10 times still can not see any debris to the naked eye, the diamond will be regarded as “America”, it is the highest circles clarity. Diamonds are not the same in different natural colors, color is the most colorless diamond grade, with yellow followed by gradually deepening.

Replica Cartier rings true and false identification: The third measure

Love series, inner ring lettering no # such symbols, the inner contents lettering logo, (figures represent K gold) 750, refers to the ring size (digits), number, a small diamond-shaped symbol, Cartier LOVE Bracelet rose gold Hong Kong to sell $ 6950, wide version of Hong Kong to sell $ 11,690, the country should be around 1w3, if the price is lower than prices in Hong Kong, it would have to be very careful, the other Cartier rings are with a certificate of authenticity can free lettering in the world Cartier counters.

Cartier rings true and false identification: The fourth move

If the tri-color gold series, is composed of the three gold rings linked together, the material was gold, white gold and rose gold. Life is the most important symbol of the Three passions: family, friendship, love. The emphasis is on simple and elegant, with handmade Cartier jewelry replica production, but also highlights an understated elegance.

Cartier love ring outstanding creative design, perfect for its careful selection, craftsmanship is impeccable. As long as it is fake, through careful comparison of various aspects, it can be identified.

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