5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the summer

Posted by Sarah Jones on April 19th, 2021

When the summer sun arrives, the burden is on for the HVAC machine to work efficiently and consistently. It's time for your air conditioner to work its miracles to keep you and your family comfortable during the hottest months of the year. Your summertime relaxation can be disrupted by energy waste and HVAC-related distress to your house. You can keep your home comfortable and even save money on your utility bills by paying attention to your HVAC maintenance. 

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When high temperatures and high humidity approach, use these five expert-recommended tips to get the best out of your air conditioner by hiring the best heating and cooling services in Louisville, KY, for your property's HVAC maintenance. The following are the five HVAC maintenance tips for the upcoming summer. 

1) Regularly Examine and Replace the Filter of Your HVAC System

Examine the air filter. When your HVAC systems are running hard, your air filter should be examined monthly and replaced more often to keep dust and dirt deposition at bay. Since you may need to change the filter more often over the season, we suggest keeping new filters ready. This enables the appliances to operate more smoothly and improves the efficiency of your indoor air. You will need to replace the filter depending on the model, and these will range from once a month to once every three months.

2) Examine Air Exits and Vents to Avoid Any Blockage

Examine the air exits, registers, and vents to ensure that they are not blocked or closed. Furniture or other obstructions that restrict airflow can not be placed in front of these HVAC components. A blocked HVAC vent will potentially create issues with your system. Remove any appliances, carpets, or rugs, as well as any other things that are obstructing vents and exits. To ensure proper operation, check that all vent louvres are free. Proper ventilation HVAC repair encourages effective ventilation during the summer heat. To ensure sufficient ventilation and circulation, keep at least 10 inches of space around the vents.

3) Adjust the Temperature of the Thermostat to Reduce Cooling Costs

You can reduce the workload on your A/C system by reducing the variance between the outside heat and the temperature inside your house. This will ensure reduced cost because the system's workload is less, the energy consumption is less, and the cooling cost is reduced. Some of the best heating and cooling services in Louisville, KY, suggest that your thermostat should be adjusted near 78 degrees, and this will reduce 10% of your cooling costs. 

4) Inspect the Condensation Drainage System of Your HVAC Unit

Inspect the drip pan and condensation drain lines of your HVAC system for clogs or excess contamination that can cause spillages or leaks. Clogged drain lines can produce fungus and algae, which can become more serious if left unchecked, in addition to flooding and causing harm to your house. Clogged drain lines will cause your HVAC system to fail, resulting in water damage. Hence, if the condensation drainage system is inspected at the time of HVAC system maintenance, a lot can be saved from being damaged. Any future damage can also be avoided at the right time with this inspection. 

5) Compare the Temperature Change Before and After Maintenance

Speaking in scientific terms, Delta T (ΔT) is the difference between the temperatures prior to the HVAC maintenance and after the maintenance. If you have done the maintenance by yourself, such a temperature comparison will act as the test for your attempts. Ideally, the value of delta T should be between 16 degrees to 22 degrees. If you have got the result right, you have done the right job. But, if the temperature difference is not right, you might need to hire professional services to take care of your HVAC maintenance.

Keep an eye on the indoor humidity levels as you go through these motions. A hygrometer or indoor humidity sensor, which can be purchased at most local stores, can be used to quickly measure the humidity level in your home. During the summer season, indoor humidity levels should be kept below 50%.

Above are the tips to follow when you do the HVAC maintenance on your own, but if you are looking to hire professional help for the process, you need to careful with the hiring process. The first thing that you need to do is find the best heating and cooling services in Louisville, KY, with the help of proper research. Internet will be your friend during the research process. 

Once you finalized the professional firm for the job, be an early bird. This is very important because many people feel the need for such professional services as the summer sun approaches. If you try to hire the professionals at the last moment, you might not get the appointment at the right time, and the services might get delayed. You might also have to pay a few extra bucks for urgent last-minute services. If you follow the above tips a few weeks earlier, you will feel the need for professionals sooner. The HVAC maintenance team from the best heating and cooling services in Louisville, KY, will be at your doorstep soon enough if you hire them a couple of weeks before the summer heat strikes in. 

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