How to Stop Condensation in Your Loft Space?

Posted by john Smith on April 19th, 2021

When modern loft installation is done, a common side effect is a condensation in loft space. In case you are experiencing an issue with condensation already in your loft space, you need to move fast to counter this problem. Here are some easy steps that can help you to combat loft condensation winter problems.

Prevent moisture ingress issues

First and foremost, you have to check whether there are any apparent signs that could be leading to the ingress of moisture from above into the roof space. Loft condensation problems may be caused due to broken or cracked roof tiles, leaking guttering, leaking pipes or cracked leadwork.

Evaluate loft insulation and ventilation levels

You have to make a proper evaluation of how much insulation and ventilation is there in your loft already. The first step to counter loft insulation problems with condensation is to clear away any clutter from ventilation points, such as in the form of storage boxes. You have to also make sure that any object that is stored in the left is kept away from the walls at a minimum distance of 5 – 10 cm.

Replace damaged insulation

In case your loft space has been insulated already, make sure that pets, moisture or any other problem have not damaged it already. If that is found to be the vase, replacement is the best of the loft condensation solutions to try. Replace the damaged one with breathable, modern loft insulation and also use it with a vapor barrier for even more protection against condensation and moisture ingress.

Adding roof ventilation

To stop condensation in loft UK, install purpose-built roof tile vents or vented soffit boards for improving ventilation to the roof space. When you use Eaves Panels, Ridge, Soffit, Vented Fascia etc along the roofline, it can boost ventilation and airflow. It can help draw out warm air and prevent the buildup of condensation in the loft area. These are low-cost options that you may try, and these come in varied finishes, materials and styles – to match your property. It can take some effort when it comes to the installation. Thus, it is best that you execute this while undertaking a roofing project, i.e. if there is no urgency posed by the condensation issue.

Use roof tile vents

Such kinds of vents can be set up along the standard roof tiles. These have slim vents that can ensure easy air passage. When it comes to how to stop condensation in your loft, these types of vent – which prevent moisture entry to space underneath, can ensure a dry and clean loft.

Reduce high humidity levels

High humidity can lead to condensation in lofts in cold weather and you should know how to reduce the same efficiently. You have to identify the areas in your loft that are having more humidity. Check for any signs and issues that cause moisture problems. Cracks can lead to condensation and you need to seal them properly for gaining more advantages. Spray foam insulation enables you to lower high humidity in your loft. On the other hand, you have to work with an accredited contractor who follows the best practices in the insulation process that will help get the desired outcomes. Read reviews of contractors online before insulating your loft with spray foam. q

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