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Posted by jjlawfl on April 19th, 2021

Often when discussing a divorce case, the difficult topic of domestic violence is addressed. Divorce is messy enough as it is when it is not violent, however whenever the volatile mix of emotions coupled with the sense of loss and bitterness surrounding loved ones and marital property, people can do some dangerous things. It’s generally best to seek the advice of a domestic violence attorney and if dealing with a divorce where things are getting violent or there is a sense of imminent danger.

Going to the police is one of many steps you may consider asking. You have to find ways to protect yourself because if things go badly oftentimes its only you there to defend what could be a very deadly situation. Taking private measures and filing a petition for injunction against domestic violence may be appropriate. Setting up security camera and learning how to defend oneself are all options that are available. Please seek counsel from a qualified attorney to mitigate any harm that you may suffer as a result of an abusive spouse or romantic partner.

Domestic violence in Florida is on the rise and with the result of the covid 19 pandemic people being forced to stay inside and limit activities one can do to blow off steam has only added fuel to the fire. What one can do to protect oneself is immediately seek the advice of police or counsel and try and rectify a solution to the problem at hand. In Family law attorney Clermont FL is versed in the skills needed to be able to protect anyone who may be a victim of domestic violence. Abuse in relationships can happen to anyone including males and young adults, and kids. Make sure to know the warning signs of an abuser and confide in family and friends about your whereabouts and daily activities. The realities of life are at times harsh and the need for a qualified and experienced attorney is paramount for anyone in a domestic abuse situation.

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