Can false eyelash be reused?

Posted by ha on April 19th, 2021

The most common question many women ask is, can you reuse false eyelashes once? How many times can it be reused? Feel false eyelash to just use sometimes, unload also be intact, can that use a few more times? Below, Liruijie False Eyelashes Manufacturers will introduce whether false eyelashes can be reused.

Whether can false eyelash repeat use

The answer to the question of whether it can be reused is, of course, yes. But false eyelash can use number, according to the schoolgirl, maintain the stand or fall of degree and the material of false eyelash is able to have distinction.

To false eyelash, material material is more hard, more not easy deformation, repeat use times also can be more. On the contrary, the softer the more easily deformed, the number of repeated use will be less. For example, the false eyelashes of nylon plastic can be reused more than 20 times if they are properly maintained. And the false eyelash that quality of a material of cotton thread, real person hair maintains proper word also can use 5 control.

Want to extend the service life of false eyelashes, each MM must also pay attention to its maintenance oh. When making up at ordinary times, try not to draw eye shadow and mascara on false eyelashes. Otherwise, false eyelash can become dirty dirty, clean hard. Besides, when discharge makeup, also cannot violence ground pulls false eyelash, such false eyelash cannot be used again.

How does false eyelash maintain?

1. When removing from the box, gently remove with your finger, along the direction of your eyelashes; When uncovering from eyelid, want to hold the middle of one-time false eyelash to pull quickly, avoid by all means pulling 23 hairs to pull down.

2. Used one-time false eyelash to want to clear the adhesive glue above thoroughly, neat ground receives in the box. Pay attention not to eyeshadow powder, mascara oil and other sticky to the one-time false eyelashes, otherwise it will dirty, destroy the one-time false eyelashes.

3. Use a makeup remover to clean disposable false eyelashes. Use makeup cotton to press and rub one-time false eyelash, start from root first, it is front end part next. The action must be light, otherwise it cannot be recycled.

The above is the introduction of disposable false eyelashes maintenance methods. The price of a good disposable false eyelashes is not low, and the quality of disposable false eyelashes is also better and more natural. Don't be entangled with the price of disposable false eyelashes.

How does false eyelash discharge makeup not hurt an eye

Method/Step 1:

When the tools are ready, start to remove makeup. Use a cotton swab to remove makeup oil and apply it to the root of the false eyelash. The technique must be gentle and not too hard.

Method/Step 2:

In fact stay for a while eyelash can fall off automatically, dear friends must not be pulled directly for the sake of saving a moment of time oh ~ only those who pull can have painful feeling ~~ time grew eyelid to be met flabby certainly.

Method/Step 3:

See false eyelash has fallen down oneself cough up, oneself fall down always better than pull, before small ink also pulls directly, often pull down oneself true eyelash together.

Method/Step 4:

See already dropped almost ~~ in fact very fast, must have patience, unloading false eyelash is not troublesome at all. Take a look at the unloaded eyelashes ~ so remove even eyelash root glue can also be removed by the way!

Method/Step 5:

Next, take a clean cotton pad, pour makeup remover oil on it and apply it to your eyes. Remember to close your eyes. After applying it for 5 seconds, take off the cotton pad and gently pull it outward.

For more information about false eyelashes, please contact Liruijie False Eyelashes Manufacturers.

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