Tips to follow when your social media engagement is going down

Posted by Shital Mane on April 19th, 2021

Social media is considered as one of the most important parts of advertising. Though content engagement has reduced to half in the last four years, most of the marketers still feel the same for it. social media marketing is still performing better than any other social media platform.

The close interaction on social media feeds has made it a much better marketing tool. Now the question is what’s the reason for the drop in engagement.

The answer is that everything has changed. Your page reach has decreased, and merely putting on random posts don’t work anymore. Here are ten tips to enhance your engagement.


Stay active on social media platforms and reply to comments and feedback on time. Responding to comments is the best way to interact with users and understand their pain points.

If you can’t reply to everyone, at least reply to negative comments. The feedback from negative comments can help you pick your weaknesses.

Your response will also increase your organic reach.


It’s fine to use jargon and content from other social media pages as soon as it relates to you. If your words don’t speak for you, you might start losing visitors.

Don’t know how? Search how Starbucks coffee and Wendy’s has done it all.

Moreover, try replying with stickers and gifts. It will add fun.


You might not believe, but the response with visuals can be 1.5 to 2.3 times depending on the social media platform.

Clear, high-quality images with the right message will increase your page reach more and more.

Now, you might have seen people posting links for more images with apparently no preview image. It can slow down the reach to nearly half or even less.

You can use some tools like Share kit to control what should come up as preview when you post a link on the social media platform.


Social media has got all your customers, and that’s why you have all your customers on your doorstep.

Be open to reviews and feedback, and you will have the best insights. Respond positively, and you might generate a better relationship with your visitors.


The first thing is to be relevant. Don’t post anything to post. Post something that links to your brand.

Make use of even the most common days to add a new post with a new concept. Have you heard about world puppy day?


focussed more on sending a clear message. If you want your customers to download a pdf, don’t just give the reason. Ask them to go for it, and you will have better engagement.

Call to action matters more than anything!


Posting user-generated content means appreciating your fans, and that tends to build a stronger relationship.

You can send a message, appreciate your visitors, and initiate a conversation in one go.

Something more? Increased visibility, credibility, and strengthened bond.


Don’t leave your visitors alone. If you don’t attend them, they might stop coming. Create a content calendar and go with it. If you miss the track once, you will see the engagement dropping.

The calendar keeps you consistent as it reminds you of posting something. If you have nothing to say, ask your customers. You can ask about what they loved and what needs to be improved.

Or you can ask for reviews on the new launch which will also work as a marketing strategy.


Video, audio, graphics, written, links, memes, etc. are the multiple forms of content. You don’t know what will work best for you.

Post different things and see what works best. Different users will respond on separate things, and that’s where you know whom to target and how.


Don’t just post something that you want to tell. Understand what your audiences want to hear. You might want to tell about your new products, but your customers might be waiting for a good discount or offers or something like events. Talk about your users more, and you will have better engagement.

Social media is important, and it will surely bring the best only if you stay relevant and follow the above tips.

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