Benefits of Using Wool Carpet Padding

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on July 20th, 2015

Wool used to be a luxury carpet fiber but as more people discover its durability, comfort, and environmental benefits, wool carpet pads are now a more common sight in most households. As a result, wool products are becoming more affordable, especially now that people are starting to favor organic over synthetic products. Wool rug pads are preferred by most because of its many benefits over other types of carpet padding. Using wool carpet padding under your area rugs keeps your floor and carpet protected, while also providing an extra layer of comfort to your floor spread. The following are some of the best benefits of wool carpet pads.

 • Wool is a natural material. It is in fact one of the finest organic materials used in various types of end products. Unlike synthetic rug pads that are often treated with all kinds of chemical additives during and after manufacture, wool stays uncontaminated and pure until the final stages of production, keeping you away from chemical treatments that compromise the material's natural elements. Because no additives are introduced to wool, it remains completely biodegradable, making it a highly renewable and sustainable resource (wool can be harvested every 9-12 months without harming the sheep's health)—something to feed your inner environmentalist.

 • Wool is naturally flame-resistant; it doesn't require chemical flame retardants to be able to comply with fire protection standards. Because of this, you need not worry about exposing your family to harmful toxins that chemically-treated rug pads introduce to your household. The absence of chemical treatments also makes wool carpet pads hypoallergenic, unless you are allergic to wool itself.

 • Wool is warm and comfortable. It provides excellent insulation, which also justifies its high initial cost as you get to save on heating and air conditioning bills. A great insulator, your wool carpet padding limits heat transfer from the outdoors into your home. Comfort-wise, wool offers a unique combination of springiness and softness, which soft carpets that crush easily lack. This unique characteristic also allows wool carpet pads to retain its comfort for years. Durability and comfort are among the best selling points of wool carpet padding.

 • Wool rug pads resist stains naturally. While all fibers have a certain degree of resistance to different types of stains, they can only achieve so with some sort of artificial treatment. Wool fibers, on the other hand, can naturally repel stains, thanks to their natural properties. And while your at it, add the wool carpet to the top of the pad and now you have the ultimate clean carpet.

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