What Is The Purpose Of Augmentative Communication Devices

Posted by adaptivetechsolutions on July 20th, 2015

With advanced technology augmentative communication is all set to addresses the needs of individuals with severe expressive communication problems. These problems prohibit the individuals from using their power of speech to convey their wants and needs like normal human beings. In fact these individuals are suffering from health related issues having several underlying reasons for their inability to speak clearly. However similar to every human being it is important for these people that they be able to express their wants and desires to those around them. In such situations augmentative communication devices come to their rescue.

Different ways to refer to these communication devices is AAC-augmentative and alternative communication, SGD, aug comm, augmentative communication, alternative communication. Most often they are known by the names of voice boxes, talking boxes, voice machines, voice buttons, talking buttons and speech devices. In either case AAC encompasses techniques to assist people with severe communication disabilities to participate more completely in daily aspects of life. Regardless of their name these devices help people with poor speech or no speech communicate their wants and needs. Moreover through these augmentative communication devices people with speech issues can take part in interpersonal interactions, partake education/learning, community activities and even seek employment.

Alternative communication devices specifically refer to means or form of communication other than using speech. It is an amplified way of adding to speech and replacing the spoken or written word or language through device. For anyone with unmet communication needs these devices are the right choice to convey their responses.

One of the breakthrough products offered by Adaptive Tech Solutions is BIG Mack Switch. It is a communication button switch that can record any single message directly into the BIGmack communicator and press its activation surface for playback up to two minutes in length. You can connect a toy or appliance to the bigmack switch for additional motivation. It has a large, 5 inch activation surface which provides comfortable usage to persons with visual impairments and persons with physical disabilities who require a larger target area.

Mainly the advantage of alternative communication devices is found for people as well as children suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, hearing impairment, and apraxia of speech. Many people with conditions such as ADHD, autism, communication impairment, hearing impairment, motor impairment, sensory disorder, speech impairment, visual impairment are benefited by these communication devices. Adaptive Tech Solutions offers different products at reasonable prices such as:
• ADDvox7 Voice Amplifier
• Assistive Technology Kit
• Durable Tabbed Communication Book

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