Reasons Why You Need a Green Mattress

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on July 20th, 2015

We spend at least one-third of our lives in bed. With this much time spent in one place, there is no question that what we sleep on does affect our wellbeing. Traditional mattresses made out of artificial, synthetic materials may not be the most conducive to human health, particularly because they contain an entire concoction of chemicals and pesticides that cause adverse effects to the body. The alternative (organic mattresses) might be quite an expense at first, but not when you consider your mattress as a long term investment that benefits your comfort and health.

Organic or green mattresses are made out of different kinds of organic materials like natural latex, cotton, and wool. These raw materials are cultivated without pesticides and are manufactured using completely safe processes that significantly reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Unlike traditional mattresses, green beds don't off-gas as they don't require chemical fire retardants to meet fire-safe regulations. Organic wool has natural fire resistant properties.

In addition to their safer construction, organic mattresses offer a wide range of other benefits that make them the smarter investment compared to ordinary, chemical-soaked beds. The following are more reasons why you should choose green sleep mattresses over traditional options:

 • Because they are free from pesticides and chemical toxins, organic latex mattresses also keep you away from allergies, respiratory conditions, and other health problems often associated with conventional mattresses. This makes them hypo-allergenic and even anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so allergy sufferers and those with compromised immune systems can sleep worry-free.
 • Organic latex as well as wool have natural temperature regulating properties. Organic cotton also helps you stay warm or cool depending on the season,j but tends to run a hair hotter than wool Wools natural ingredients help regulate body temperature, while also wicking away body moisture. This results in a more restful sleep because lower humidity not only keeps skin at optimal temperature for a good rest, but also allows for a calmer heart rate.
 • Organic mattresses are also praised for their durability, having longer life expectancies than their synthetic counterparts. Because they are made out of strong materials, they don't break down as easily and they allow for greater flexibility. Organic wool, for instance, can stretch up to 50 percent when wet and 30 percent when dry. It also bounces back to shape when stress is released, thanks to its natural crimp in its fiber molecules.
 • Finally, organic mattresses are highly sustainable, and they are biodegradable, which means they are completely safe and friendly to the environment.

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Dennis and Leora Hornick are the owners of the Organic Mattress Store Inc. They started this business in 2004 and within a few years it became a big brand store in Pennsylvania and the East Coast, all the way to California.

The Organic Mattress Store Inc. is a well-known organic mattress store in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They provide mattresses made up of Dunlop Latex, 100% certified organic cotton and pure wool. They are the market leaders in natural and organic mattress. They have all big brands in their store like Green Sleep, Royal-Pedic, WJ-Southard, Shepherds Dream, Cozy-Pure etc, for you to come in to try out.

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