Key elements of the programmatic advertising ecosystem

Posted by Diksha Sharma on April 19th, 2021

Unlike the traditional methods of advertising that uses quotes, tenders, and many human interactions to get the ads displayed/released, programmatic marketing is the process through which digital advertising is bought and sold with the help of automation .Programmatic marketing platforms use algorithms for purchasing digital space, analyse data to figure out which is the ideal space to buy, and also decides how much payment can be made depending on the target audience.

Programmatic advertising has a critical subset called RTB, also known as  real-time bidding. Here, the purchasing and selling of ad inventories happens as a digital exchange between publishers and advertisers (supply side and demand side respectively). These things happen in real-time and are relevant to display and search advertising across different kinds of devices. In fact, programmatic marketing platforms have several kinds of models for RTB and it all depends on the extent to which they are used based on the functions they are required to perform. Below we mention some key points to keep in mind.


 The ad space that is made available by the publisher side is known as the publisher’s inventory. Such spaces are used for streaming and displaying adverts. By basic definition therefore, publishers can be many things such as a mobile application, a social platform, a search engine, and so on.


 Thw supply-side platform (SSP) healthcare has to do with publishers who sell their ad space or inventory via automation on several ad exchanges. The user’s information is properly analysed so that publishers can receive higher prices for impressions.


DSP healthcare is the same as the publisher’s SSP, but here it is from the advertiser’s point of view. The advertisers here are capable of monitoring their campaign metrics, storing creatives, and looking into the buying requirements of the ongoing campaign. In DSP, the value of the user is deduced using several different algorithms.


Commercial and non-commercial advertisers promote their products through ads with the help of an ad agency, which is generally the case.

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