Common Types of Plastic Moulding

Posted by joseph george on April 19th, 2021

As the name suggest, plastic moulding is the process of producing plastic parts with the use of liquid plastic hardened in the mould with specific shape, size, and design. Moulding process can be used to make wide variety of products for different application. Plastic moulding are of different types, here we will discuss main types of plastic molding that is considered effective and preferred most to make products for different industries.

Injection Moulding- It is almost similar to extrusion molding. The main difference is, in injection molding process the plastic resin is directly injected into the mould of desired shape and design. A high amount of pressure is applied so that the mould filled with liquid plastic could properly take the shape and a solid part can be made. Selecting the right type of mould one can produce millions of desired product in limited time. For example, plastic cap mould of various kind such as cosmetic cap mould, sanitizer bottle cap mould, water bottle cap mould and many more are used create the same product.

Compression Moulding- In compression molding, the raw liquid plastic is poured into the desired mould and then they are together compressed together to form the desired shape. Temperature is the main factor in this type of manufacturing process. High temperature is maintained throughout the process to ensure good strength and durability of the final product. At last the liquid plastic is cooled down so that it can be removed from the mold and go for post-finishing.

Cost-effectiveness of this molding process is largely depends upon the factors like the number of cavity, complexity of design, post-production requirements.      

Blow Moulding

Blow molding method is used to create custom hollow parts instead of solid components. Plastic cap mould is largely made from the blow molding process. This method is very much similar to process of glass blowing and ideal to make the plastic parts with uniform thickness. In this method, the raw plastic heats up to liquid and then air is injected to make it like balloon. Plastic is blown into shaped mould and cooled down to get the desired shape.

Blow molding is mostly used to produce products like plastic drums, tanks, bottle, caps, traffic cones, and many more. It is fast and very economical method option to make variety of hollow products.

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