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Posted by tedmark on July 20th, 2015

Six Sigma is a set of tools and methods that has been embraced by many companies to achieve near perfection status in their operations. Employees are often encouraged to get trained in Six Sigma methodology from credible institutes that enjoy the aegis of Six Sigma membership society. There are institutes and societies promoting and increasing awareness regarding Six Sigma. Incessant efforts by these experts help in the advancement, recognition and development of Six Sigma programs. Six Sigma conference is an ideal platform where exchange of ideas and practices take place among leaders of Six Sigma and practitioners of the same. An exposure to such a forum enhances your knowledge and helps you to follow Six Sigma principles.

Six Sigma is the quantification of the quality of a product manufactured, a service rendered or a transaction carried out. Through Six Sigma companies employ a disciplined methodology for maintaining a certain standard or performance. Employees are encouraged to enroll for Six Sigma training where they learn about this approach. Six Sigma membership society is the platform for distribution and mingling of ideas and practical experiences shared by industry experts. Six Sigma conference is held annually by leaders from different fields who share their experiences in solving the challenges thrown up by Six Sigma findings.

Six Sigma membership society is an organization which offers paid service for developing and further excelling in the field of Six Sigma work practice. The society aims to create a community of experts, leaders and Six Sigma certificate holders. The practical inputs from real life industry situations are discussed on the various forums. Once you become a member you can have a free and healthy discussion with other members. Apart from regular events like webinars, events and knowledge network, the Six Sigma conference is an eagerly awaited event in the annual calendar of all six sigma belt holders.

Six Sigma conferences have all the regular features like workshops, seminars and general sessions. Industry leaders and Six Sigma experts cutting across all sectors make these yearly conferences successful. Discussions on new trends that are emerging, newer manufacturing processes that need to be mapped by Six Sigma are all discussed with an open mind by the stalwarts. A participation in such a conference gives you an excellent opportunity to strengthen your knowledge base and deliver effective results for your company. The conference is spread over a few days to allow participants to comprehensively inculcate the new developments taking place in Six Sigma. Six Sigma membership society also takes care to arrange for an all-round experience for participants by including morning hikes, receptions, book signing events and so on.

You can make the most of the Six Sigma conference by networking with experts and fellow practitioners. Receptions and events are well spaced out and planned in such a manner that each member can enjoy the visit and the ambience. Six Sigma membership society provides all members, both professional and affiliate, to share their knowledge, experience and contents authored by them on their profiles. Thus, a huge knowledge network is archived which can be accessed by all members. Audio-visual capsules, whitepapers and presentations are shared on the society’s website from which you can gain immensely in your pursuit of expertise in Six Sigma.

An inclusion in the Six Sigma membership society gives you deeper insights into various aspects of Six Sigma. As a member you can attend the Six Sigma conference and be a witness to eminent leaders sharing their views on the subject.


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