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Posted by goldsafe21 on July 21st, 2015

As WOW PvP Mercenary Mode was introduced to shorten the queue time for Ashran or Battlegrounds, Blizzard released a hotfix to PvP rewards at Ashran and Rated Battlegrounds, partly to balance gearing between both sides and partly to increase the chance of earning a desirable items from Strongbox.

In order to Celebrate wow 6.2 coming ,safewow offer 8% off wow gold and free wow mounts now!

Clarification: exact items found in Champion's Strongboxes

Champion's Strongboxes are rewarded to players for the weekly Ashran quest called Ashran Dominance or for weekly quest Battle Hardened that requires winning three Rated Battlegrounds. At first, everyone should know clearly what you will never get from a Strongbox:

Strongboxes can never reward items that can be purchased with Conquest Points.

Strongboxes can never reward cloaks, necks, or rings.

Strongboxes can never reward items with set bonuses.

That is to say, players have to take into battle and try their best to earn the above items by themselves, rather than being rewarded from Strongboxes. And Safewow will be here to offer you cheap wow gold fast delivery all the time.

Hotfix: versatility boots, belts and bracers will be removed from Strongboxes

Versatility items rewarded from PvP can make people gear up more than those who haven’t won. So to avoid one side abusing of versatility items and to increases the chances of earning a desirable item from y Strongbox, the overall number of possible items will be reduced. Once the hotfix is applied, Versatility boots, belts and bracers will be removed from Strongboxes, and only be gained from the Conquest vendors instead. That means:

1. Champion’s Strongboxes will only reward helms, chestpieces, gloves, shoulders, and legs, as well as the Accolade random stat trinkets.

2. Armor pieces earned from Strongboxes do not grant set bonuses, so most players will only want to equip one of those pieces.

For many players, this is a big step in the right direction. With the introduction of PvP Mercenary Mode and the hotfix of Strongboxes, you will be able to enjoy World of Warcraft PvP well. Additionally, from July 23 to July 30, every player will be able to get the cheapest world of warcraft gold from Safewow, for 8% discount code “SMFUN” will be available for all Safewow products. Have fun!

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More details:

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