Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker: Best Tool to Try Your Creativity in Ice Cream Making

Posted by everten on July 21st, 2015

Don't let summer temperatures bring you down. Once the heat goes up, break out your Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and beat the high temperatures with a tasty frozen treat. Nothing beats homemade chilled desserts, especially when really good ice cream stores are a long drive away. Ice cream making is also an excellent weekend filler that you can enjoy with the rest of the family. With the right ice cream maker, you can experiment with all kinds of flavours and mixtures so you can churn out one decadent icy dessert, perfect for summer indulgence. Cuisinart Ice Cream makers are handy kitchen tools that are very easy to use, affordable, and convenient.

A typical electric ice cream maker features major components like a spout on top of the lid, where you can conveniently pour in ingredients to mix. This may include nuts, fruits, cookies, and other add-ins, which you can drop into the mixture during the final minutes of churning. A dasher or mixing arm sits within the freezer bowl, rotating wet mixture until it freezes. The freezer bowl, on the other hand, features two layers of insulated material and a formulated cooling liquid, sandwiched between. The base of an electric ice cream maker is usually where its motor is housed. It also features a control panel, which is usually just an on/off dial to signal the start of the process. Different electric ice cream machines from Cuisinart may also include other unique features and a slightly altered process for making your ice cream. Nevertheless, they are all very useful in creating frozen dessert masterpieces that you can enjoy.

To enjoy your ice cream maker thoroughly, here are some great tips to follow:

  • The cooling liquid inside the freezer bowl take a long time to freeze (some 10 to 22 hours). It helps keeping it stored in a plastic bag in the freezer at all times so you can have it ready whenever you feel like testing your creativity in making a home-made dessert. This will also prevent disappointments from using an inadequately frozen bowl, in which desserts don't firm up to their proper consistency.
  • Never fill the freezer bowl completely with wet ingredients as mixtures expand while freezing. Your bowl might overflow if you fill it more than half way.
  • There are countless ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet recipes that you can try out and successfully make with the right ice cream machine, including sugarless recipes for those with specialty diets. Ice cream makers are also great tools if you want to avoid all the additives and preservatives commonly found in commercially prepared desserts.

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