California Super Bloom 2021 A Natural Wildflower Beauty

Posted by Patrick John on April 20th, 2021

California is one of the best places on the globe where people can see a super bloom. If you engage a Californian on where they plan to go for a vacation, you are going to realize that the desert is one of the most popular places on their to-do list. This is especially in a super bloom year when myriads of wildflowers cover the entire desert landscape.  The scope and extent of a super bloom go beyond what one can comprehend. The flower covers in California are so vast that people can be able to see them from space. The good news is that there is a super bloom in the year 2021. 

Super bloom in California has come back in 2021, just two years after the last super bloom that covered the entire desert landscape in the county. Conditions for a super bloom started manifesting themselves at the end of 2020 when the region received a larger than normal rainfall. It is estimated that parts of the California desert received above 7 inches of rainfall at the end of winter. Snowfall also helped a lot in preparing the ground for a super bloom.  After winter, the weather was very cold in January and February and this helped lock moisture in the soil. For a super bloom to occur, moisture must remain in the soil long enough until spring when temperatures will be higher. This enables the dormant seeds in the ground to germinate and produce the vast flowing plants.

Scientists also said that temperatures in the region have been rising slowly over months and this has enabled the seeds to grow and germinate. Also, cloud cover has been great in the region. For a super bloom to occur, there must enough cloud cover over the desert to prevent moisture from evaporating while at the same time, protecting the desert from cold temperatures.

Super blooms have been around for centuries. However, they only happen once every decade. This is especially on El Niño years when California receives rainfall that is higher than normal.


California Super Bloom 2021 has attracted a lot of tourists and flower chasers who come to see the spectacular sight of wildflowers. This does a lot of good to the Californian economy but on hindsight, the super bloom has brought a lot of traffic on roads that are adjacent to the super bloom regions. Also, due to a large number of visitors in the areas, there is a lot of pollution from food cans, bottles, and other items that tourists carry.

The flowers have also suffered the brunt of tourism. This is because people trample on them as they look for a perfect spot to see the beauty. Also, some people either pick or uproot the flowers from the ground, thereby destroying a large portion of flowers in the desert. The local authorities have had to put restrictions in some areas to prevent further damages.

The California Super Bloom 2021 has abundant flowers that can be seen from space. They are so widespread that one can't tour all the areas.

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