Things You Need to Know Before You Start Trading in the Stock Market

Posted by Alexander on April 20th, 2021

Trading in the stock market can assist you in money-making and you can suffer loss as well. A return will always have a risk associated with it and the twist is that you have to manage risks to earn profits. Before you start trading, you need to understand some basic things about the stock market.

Investors need a proper understanding of the stock market for earning huge profits and to minimize the risks of loss. With passing time, you will gain experience and it will help you grab more and more opportunities in the stock market.

How Can a Beginner Start Stock Trading?

The stock market works on a mechanism which, traders need to understand in-depth. You need to develop strategies to earn potential profits. Open a trading account with a trustable broker and enjoy the benefits of the trading account. Before this, it is essential to understand the basics of trading and the stock market.

Design a routine and try to devote a small portion of your daily time researching stocks. Keep an eye on the prices of stocks in which you are interested. This will help you learn the factors that affect the price of a stock.

The next step is to make a trading strategy or plan; based on your studies. Let us discuss some of the basis of the stock market.

Basics of the Stock Market

A stock exchange plays the intermediary role between a trader and a company. It is the place where buying and selling of shares take place. The prices of stocks are also determined by stock exchanges, after analysing the demand and supply of a particular stock.

A broker is an intermediary between a trader and a stock exchange because individuals or individuals firms cannot directly deal with a stock exchange. The price at which a stock is bought and sold is decided by the stock exchanges only. A buying or selling request can be placed on a stock exchange with a broker.

Understanding the Stock Market

Various indices of the stock market track the performance of stocks, like what is the demand of stocks to determine the price of a stock. It is much like an auction house where buyers and sellers place their bids to purchase or sell a particular stock at a particular price. Trading involves purchasing and selling shares.

An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the first step for raising capital from the public. When an IPO is fully subscribed or a minimum of 90% of the offered quantity. In simpler words, when all the shares of a company are sold, it will become listed on a stock exchange. After a company gets listed on a stock exchange then investors can trade directly with the shares of the company.

Bull and Bear Market

A bear market is a situation in which prices of stocks fall more than 20% as compared to the previous opening price. And a bull market is just the opposite of the bear market. Traders fear the bear market because it pulls them back and it is a situation of loss.

On the other hand, the bull market is the situation of economic growth and profits. The bear market is a temporary situation and does not last for too long. This is the reason why the stock market is profitable in the longer run.

Concepts You Need to Know Before Trading

Here are some concepts to clear your misconceptions about the stock market. So, before you start trading, you should know all these concepts. These are helpful in understanding the stock market and performing well in the market.

Trade Your Surplus Funds

In simpler words, it means that you should not invest the money that you can’t afford to lose. You should trade with the extra funds you are having. Many new traders in the market make the mistake of investing their money which is required by them. You can put your extra money at risk but not the required amount.

Take risks according to factors like your age, income, goal, and many other factors. The reason behind the investment is to make some extra money. So, do not trade with your emergency funds.

Gain Proper Education

Before you make your first investment, invest some time in learning the stock market. Doing homework on time has its own benefits, and doing research on the stock market will help you in the long run. You can also start with small; which means keep a watch on some stocks in which you are interested.

Understand important terms of the stock market and the working mechanism. Learn when to place, limit, and stop market order. These are the basic fundamentals of the stock market. Put some efforts into the stock selection process and the timing of investment.

Not Every Deal Will Fetch Profits

The stock market is not a money-making machine. Trading experience and knowledge about the stock market will assist you to fetch more profits. Smart decisions and good market knowledge can only be earned after spending time in the stock market on a constant basis.

Every deal of the stock market cannot make profits, some of the deals of the stock market will bring negative returns or negligible profits. Develop proper strategies or you can even take the help of financial advisors for trading strategies.

Never go Blindly in Trading

Several times a trader listens to the advice of people living nearby such as friends, colleagues, and even family members. Making investment decisions by listening to their advice can lead to a loss. Every time you make an investment decision, you need to study the same and calculate the amount and probability of gain.

Make investment decisions on the basis of your financial goals, which means whether they are long term or short-term. Do not blind with investments and analyse all the probabilities of the investment.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Come into Play

Do not combine your emotions with investments, try to keep both of them separate. Investors lead to losing money in the stock market when they make decisions emotionally. Investors generally pick the stocks which are performing so well and generating good returns, thinking that it will continue to generate the same returns.

Do not let greed take over your smartness in decision making. Also, keep the fear of losing your money aside. Most of the investors sell their holdings during the bear market in the fear of losing their money. The stock market will rise; you need to hold your positions in the market.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

The return of a stock will not remain the same every time. Volatility is the nature of the stock market and your returns might get suffered according to the performance of the stock market. So, it is recommended not to suggest the same return every time.

Avoid Trading Leverage

Leverage is the term used to describe the use of borrowed funds in the stock market. When you use the leveraged amount the risks are on the higher side. As you might afford to lose your money but you cannot afford to lose the borrowed funds.

If you are a new trader it is recommended that you should not trade using the leverage amount. Avoid using the leverage amount in trading.

Open Your Account with a Trustable Broker

A broker acts as an intermediary between investors and stock exchanges. They offer a trading platform that is fully loaded with multiple features. There are numerous brokers worldwide but you need to select the right one for you. We have a broker that fulfil all the requirements of a trader.


TradeATF is a global brokerage platform at which you can trade in multiple financial assets. Some of the leading features of this broker are:

  • Availability of 350+ CFD instruments for trading

  • Free access to a demo account for trading

  • Multiple methods of deposits and withdrawals

  • Web, desktop and mobile trading platforms

  • Runs on MT4, a friendly trading platform

  • Dedicated customer support to traders

  • Educational material for traders

All these features make TradeATF a reliable broker for trading and investing your funds.


The stock market is a very large market with ample opportunities for investors. Before you start trading, you need to understand the basics of trading and make proper decisions. Try to start with small amounts and do not focus on large investments. Starting with small will help you grab more and more trading experience.

Analyse all the points that you need to understand before trading. Do not simply dive into the market, do your homework and take advantage of investing your money in the stock market. It is having enough potential to generate returns for your investments. Before trading, ensure to choose a reliable trading broker.

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