My Travel Experience During Pandemic Via Southwest Airlines

Posted by Danny Parker on April 20th, 2021

I travel a lot— and I have been on various planes traveling to different places. So, what was it like flying on Southwest Airlines during a worldwide pandemic? I was curious regarding what travel resembled in our social distancing age.

Recently, I flew on Southwest Airlines from the Tampa Airport to New York and left away dazzled by how well the largest low-cost carrier gave social distancing. I was overwhelmed with how the airline & Southwest Airlines Customer Service team took care of every individual during this crisis. 

Regardless of being an easy aircraft, Southwest restricts the limit, which implies just two individuals can sit in a row, leaving the middle seat empty. Besides, face-covering is required off-board & onboard. 

Before I even showed up at the air terminal, I needed to acknowledge this wellbeing declaration. A more extended version on the site tells travelers, "don't travel if you are having health issues similar to a virus."


Any individual who needs a test can get a trial. I'm happy that I get my testing, and test results came back negative! I needed that peace of mind since I'm visiting New York because of some personal reasons.

Now check out how my off-board & onboard experience goes after choosing Southwest Airlines. 

At The Airpor

My journey started at Tampa Airport; more individuals at the airport than I expected for both the pandemic and our flight's early nature. Genuinely, everyone I saw was wearing a mask.

Upon the first arrival in the air terminal, there are a few imprints on the ground to keep a social distance when holding up in line at carrier counters for checked baggage, just as in the security paths. 

It was a good start with Southwest. So far, the check-in area updated with plexiglass segments and hand sanitizer dispensers. I selected the kiosk, where one of the primary screens was a COVID-19 declaration. I recognized the aircraft's mask mandate and affirmed that I didn't have or had COVID-19, and then I checked my temperature. 

Then after following some other procedures, I boarded on to plane for New York. 

In-Flight Experience: 

Other carriers were having to re-seat individuals because of new rules. However, Southwest didn't need to do that since there aren't allowed seats. Nobody sat in center seats, and there were not regular food and refreshment services. When boarded, the airline attendant let us know there will be restricted services (it's a couple of hours flight). There will be no beverage services, just canned water. 

During the wellbeing demonstration, I notice another change. The pandemic has made flying a different experience. Besides changes like obligatory face covers and minor in-flight services, the flight was quiet. Everybody was hesitant to sneeze or cough & avoided casual talk with other travelers. Southwest has an "open center seat" strategy so that travelers won't be sitting straightforwardly close to an outsider. However, this deed minimizes the chance of contracting the virus. 

My trip was beautiful, and I gazed out the window contemplating how great it felt to be back in the friendly skies. We are, on the whole, actually sorting out some way to explore life in this pandemic, yet I trust this post helps ease any tension about movement at present. 


Suppose you will travel or think about it, then better to do some research because every airline is doing things differently to block middle seats, onboard services, and cleaning procedures. (You can check the airline's official website to know about their ongoing assistance.)

Final Word!

In the end, flying Southwest during COVID was a much better encounter than I expected. Representatives at Southwest Airlines Customer Service helpdesk were exceptionally conscious and helpful, realizing that this is a novel encounter that we are, for the most part working through the changes together. 

So, that was my experience! I appreciate all the employees who are working there & keeping every individual safe and comfortable journey!


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