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Planning to Buy or Rent Flats in ITPL or Sarjapur Road ? Here?s Your Checklist

Posted by sunainaram on July 22nd, 2015

Purchasing a home is a huge long-term investment plan and requires lot of planning and research. These days the property prices in Bangalore is very high, so if you are planning to buy one of the flats in ITPL Bangalore and any of the apartments near Wipro Sarjapur Road, you should be very careful.

If you’re an outsider planning to invest in real estate in Bangalore, then you should be doubly cautious. The local real estate is mostly managed by brokers and building contractors. Unless you personally know them or have a good reference for them, it will be good to take whatever they say with a pinch of salt. Most of the property dealing problems occur because of wrong information and misinterpretation of information at this stage. If you are planning to deal with these people when you’re renting any of the flats in ITPL Bangalore, then you should prepare yourself to give them a huge commission. The commission for looking for a rental or lease place is usually a month’s rent amount. It’s relatively easy and less expensive if you’re going to rent an apartment near Wipro Sarjapur Road.

You don’t want to go for the rental option, but for the purchase option, then you should do a lot of homework. First you should check if the flats you’re looking for have all the documentation and certification provided by the government. Don’t hesitate to ask for the chitta//patta, parental document, sale dead, encumbrance certificate as well as power of attorney, if available. Validate the authenticity of all the document with a reliable legal advisor.

It’s not enough if you only do the legal legwork, you should also visit the areas near the flats in ITPL Bangalore get a good idea of the location. Talk to the people residing in the area about the water supply, electricity and other amenities. Also, check if the place is safe for families or are there any factors that you should be cautious about. See if the roads are good and well lit. A park or playground nearby will be an added advantage if you have a family. You should also checkout the schools and colleges in the locality if you have children.

In simple words, the checklist for buying apartments near Wipro Sarjapur road should include all the points that you will expect for a safe and comfortable living.

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