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Posted by Aaeesha on July 22nd, 2015

In 1920, the United States government passed the Merchant Marine Act or Jones Act. Basically, this law ensures maritime commerce is maintained in the ports and US waters. First introduced by Senator Wesley Jones, the purpose of this act is to maintain and regulate the maritime industry. An experienced Jones Act lawyer can help maritime soldiers and others involved in the nautical industry to claim in case of injuries or other problems due to the negligence of their employers. This law can also be described as an extension of the judicial support provided to railway employees. 

This law is not just applicable to the workers at sea, but also for those working in rivers as well as the shore worker related to the shipping and maritime industry. It also covers employees working in barges, cruise ships, recreational boats, semi-submarines, tugs, riverboats, floating cranes, cargo ships and fishing vehicles.

The Buzbee Law Firm has a strong track record in providing justice for the suffering. This firm was established by Mr. Buzbee who is former Recon Marine. Having come from such a background, he is determined to provide the best of judicial support for maritime employees. This law firm has handled some of the top cases in Texas and Mr. Buzbee has helped senatorial and presidential candidates to prepare for their debates.       

Mr. Buzbee is an excellent Jones Act attorney, and has represented many maritime employees across the state. The firm provides support and guidance for seamen who are ill-treated or maligned by their employers. Buzbee firm has represented many seamen and brought justice for them. In one of its key cases, the Parker 14J collapse off the coast of Louisiana, this firm fought for the twenty workers to get them substantial settlement money. In another case, the firm represented a widow whose husband died at sea because of improper medical support.

When the injured people are out in the sea, and they come back to land seeking justice, it is a very difficult task to piece together all the evidence. The Jones Act lawyer should be able to do a careful study of the incidents, witnesses and other factors in order to create a strong case. As there are so many factors involved, the Jones Act advocate should be highly experienced and have expertise in maritime laws. That’s why Buzbee law firm assigns its best lawyers for cases associated with the Jones maritime laws.

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