Key Facts about the IELTS test day

Posted by Vivek Gupta on April 20th, 2021

Reaching to the centre

Before the day of your test, check the start time of your test and make sure you know how much time will it take to reach there and through which way you should go. These are some steps that are recommended to be taken one week ago from the test day, just to be fully prepared. And also check the location of your test; it may be different from where you booked the test. IELTS Coaching

Arriving for your IELTS test

  • Remember to read and understand the terms and conditions of IELTS test as they contain important information related to your test day. These can be found in the Test Takers Information part of your application form.
  • Be on time, if you arrive late in the first place then you might not be allowed to attempt that test.
  • Remember to switch off your mobile phone and other devices. No electrical devices are allowed inside the test room and these items will be kept with your belongings.
  • The Listening, Reading and Writing tests will be of 2 hours 40 minutes. Remember that there will be no breaks during the tests.
  • Nothing to eat or drink is allowed inside the room; only transparent water bottle is allowed. Make sure that you have something substantial to eat before your test.

 Identity documents

  • You will need identity documents to enter the centre and these documents will be mentioned on the documents that you will receive after registering for the test, and also these will be checked by IELTS staff. If you arrive without the correct ID you will not be able to take the test.
  • There is also an additional measure for security purposes; IELTS will click your photograph before you sit for the test. This photograph will be used on your test report form.
  • There is also finger print scanning in some countries. 

During your test

Follow these rules when sitting your IELTS test:

  • There should be only a pencil, an eraser and your ID on your table. You are not allowed to keep anything else on the table. 
  • If anyone wants to use washroom during the test, he/she should raise one hand to attract invigilator’s attention. And try not to disturb other candidates.
  • Raise your hand to attract the invigilator’s attention if you want to ask a question during the test.
  • Check your headphones before starting the listening test and if there is any problem with your headphones, just raise your hand and inform invigilator.
  • After the Listening section, you will have 10 minutes to fill in the answer sheet. However, you will not have 10 minutes after the Reading section, so be sure to write your answers on your answer sheet when completing each section.

At the end of the test

  • Remain seated until you have the invigilator‘s permission to leave the test room.
  • if you think that your performance in exam may have been affected by any issue, inform the invigilator straight away.
  • There is also an option to complain if you have any issues regarding your test day, you can fill our test day incident form within one week of your test day.

Special arrangements

Adjustments will be made for special cases, if you have requested for them. These arrangements will be provided to people who are disabled or they have any other medical condition.


  • Read the instructions each time the set of question changes or each time when whole section changes.
  • Some questions also have guideline time limits for you to follow, make sure you stay aware of the time to ensure you have enough time to answer each question.
  • Be confident and stay calm. IELTS Institute

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