For some extra space, try loft conversion ideas

Posted by AmandaTom on July 22nd, 2015

To utilise every inch of space in your home, you require an unending stream of ideas-- ideas that are scientific, innovative, creative and logical. Using every inch of your house does not mean turning your house into a birdcage. Instead, it means thinking of out-of-the-box ideas. How, you must be wondering. Well, this is done primarily by introducing some change in the design and build of your premises. Among the most popular ideas to turn fallow space into something useful is loft conversion ideas.

Without extending the floor area of your home, loft conversion ideas can let you create extra space for many activities. For example, creating a new bedroom for your teenage or a nursery for your toddler can be the most common use of your unused loft. A guest room, an additional living space, a library, a gym or even a quiet, organised space for your home office are the other options that you can explore. All you have to do is to communicate your ideas to the company you have entrusted with the complete design and build services. The professionals, who have experience and expertise along with an eye for precision and innovation will come up with the most suitable solution for your loft.

You can use the online calculator available on the website of the design and build company to see if your budget can support your loft conversion ideas. Once you are sure of that, you can make a request for their site visit. The professionals carry out a Laser-measured survey and give you a budget estimate for the job. With premium and 3D concept visits you get some exciting additional services like a visit according to your availability or a specialist planning advice. With 3D visuals you can have a fair idea on how the exterior of your house will look after the loft conversion has been completed.

These days, design and build companies are employing innovative techniques on loft conversion ideas that were seemingly impossible a few years ago. Now you can have an additional bathroom in your loft. One reservation people often have with loft conversions is the restriction they may face regarding the height of the converted floor. But, that can be addressed by lowering the ceiling height of the room beneath the loft space. With a loft conversion you can increase the market value of your home.

Loft conversions means turning an empty attic into a functional space. With skylights you can turn your loft into a warm and cheerful lounge, naturally lit by the sunlight. Since you essentially do not need a planning permission unless the idea that you choose makes a huge structural difference, the entire process is easy. And, in case you need permission from the planning authorities, most reputed design and build companies assist with this as well. You can have your own loft conversion ideas materialised with suggestions from the experts and efficient implementation.

Not just extra storing space, innovative loft conversion ideas can add more value to your home. With the creative help from your design and build company you can transform your loft into the most preferred space of the house.

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