COVID-19 Impact, Competitive and Regional of Geomechanics Software and Services

Posted by Fred Williams on April 20th, 2021

The state of equilibrium of rock and soil is disturbed by activities such as drilling.To study the consequences of industrial activities on soil and rock formations, seismicity, soil load bearing, geomechanics software and services are helping industries identify risks and mitigate issues. Geomechanics software and services gives insights into geomechanical risks to optimize the performance of wells and reservoirs in petroleum engineering. Geomechanics finds application in mining, civil construction, and waste disposal industries in addition to oil and gas industry. The data generated from geomechanics solutions is analyzed to measure changes in environmental parameters such as stress, temperature, pressure, etc. With technological advancements such as Internet of Things (IoT), opportunities for geomechanical data generation have increased over the years and thus the adoption of geomechanics software is expected to increase further.

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 Need for enhanced geophysical and seismic understanding of minefields, oilfields, construction sites, and nuclear waste disposal sites for successful operations across industries such as oil and gas, mining, civil construction, and nuclear waste disposal is the key factor driving the geomechanical software and services market. Companies in the oil and gas industry are adopting geomechanics software to increase the success rate of exploration activities. However, fluctuating commodity prices and the falling CAPEX especially in IT spending and resource development in the oil and gas and mining industries is hindering the growth of the geomechanics software and servicesmarket.

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