BPO Transformations In The Covid-19 Era

Posted by Rely Services Inc on April 20th, 2021

What Are Some BPO Transformations In The COVID-19 Era?

As businesses adjust to working remotely, companies must actively employ BPO transformations in the COVID-19 Era. In dealing with these unprecedented global circumstances, numerous BPO transformations are taking place.

The strategies a BPO company employs have been evolving almost since the formation of the service. The current crisis will bring about many BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era, some of which can be predicted, and some may take us by surprise

How Has Remote Work Affected The BPO Industry?

COVID-19 has significantly impacted almost every industry and sector. As business process outsourcing professionals are perfecting their work-from-home routines and schedules, we will most likely see many BPO changes during this time.

Most BPO companies’ functions and operations revolve around data and the technology that is used to process and manage valuable information effectively. Because of this, business process outsourcing can still function with remote work; however, some challenges and adjustments are being made.

When BPO professionals first needed to work from home, some changes needed to be addressed head-on to ensure that work could continue remotely. Listed below are some of the common BPO changes that have already begun to take place:

Ensuring A Secure Network – BPO companies require private and secure networks to protect clients’ data. One of the most significant BPO transformations during the pandemic has been that BPO companies have set up virtual networks that offer privacy and security to employees as they work from home.

Optimizing Bandwidth – In addition to networks, bandwidth is another essential technological element that needs to be incorporated into BPO employees’ home offices. It is vital to make sure that your employees have the highest bandwidth possible that is available in their area.

Managing The Workforce – One of the most critical challenges that are affecting every business and place of work during this time is ensuring employee productivity when working from home. BPO companies must utilize systems and tactics that are strategically designed to encourage productivity.

The changes listed above have already been implemented by most BPO companies that are continuing to function remotely. However, there are also some expected BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era that we can expect to see going forward.

Shifting BPO To Cloud-Based Services

One of the significant BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era is the increased use of cloud-based services. Cloud-based platforms and services are exponentially growing in popularity each year.

As more employees adjust to working from home, shifting to cloud-based services can be a lucrative BPO transformation to take on. Cloud-based services refer to using the internet to carry out various business operations. Cloud computing gives you access to company servers, software, databases, storage, applications, and more.

When your business processes can be executed via cloud platforms, BPO efforts are made easy. BPO’s shift toward cloud-based services offers several advantages that increase business value, some of which are listed below:


When your business processes can be executed via the cloud, you can access them at any time or place at long as you have an internet connection. This allows workers to successfully complete company projects without having to be in the office, which makes it one of the best transformations in an increasingly remote world.


Efficiency is one of the primary reasons why people choose to outsource for business processes. With cloud-based technology, BPO services can be even more efficient as using a cloud server allows you to collaborate and carry out business processes virtually.


Cloud computing allows business operations to be accomplished accurately and quickly. Experienced data operators can use cloud services strategically to get the most accurate results for analytical business purposes.

By integrating this form of web-based technology into business operations, companies can quickly and easily make sense of large amounts of valuable data. With cloud-based services at the center of BPO, your business can increase its accessibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Therefore, BPO’s shifting to cloud-based services stands out as one of the most lucrative BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era that companies and businesses should take advantage of.

Shifting From Single-Function Operations To Multifunctional Operations

Business operations that serve a single function can be extremely high risk. Locations that handle all operations, serving one function for all consumers can face catastrophic repercussions when crisis strikes.

When the global pandemic shut down various business locations at different times, it became clear that multifunctional operations are much more effective and safe. Multi-purpose services allow businesses to continue functioning, as work is strategically distributed. Therefore, if one operation is unable to fulfill their tasks, the function can still be carried out, as other services are well-versed in the area as well.

Shifting from single-function operations to multifunctional is one of the most beneficial BPO transformations in the Covid-19 era for companies to take on actively. Although this shift will require additional training to take place, it will be valuable in the long-run.

Moving Operations To Low-Cost Locations

As businesses everywhere are struggling during this economic downturn, another one of the expected BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era will be further increasing cost-efficiency. Cost-efficiency is paramount for businesses to remain profitable and succeed, especially in today’s economic climate.

Moving operations to low-cost locations can significantly increase cost-efficiency. BPO companies can function from virtually anywhere with proper measures taken, so services can be conducted from low-cost locations to save money.

The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have shown that business process outsourcing services professionals can work remotely, even from home, successfully. Companies that are looking to make significant BPO transformations during this time might also choose to have all employees work from home. However, this may not be the case for every organization.

How To Support BPO Transformations In The COVID-19 Era

BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era need to be supported and well-received to function. Businesses can take steps to ensure that these changes are received positively. Listed below are some of how these changes can be supported:

1  Analyze & Assess

The first step to take to support BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era involves analyzing and assessing your company’s capabilities for business processing with your current work-at-home model.

2  Promote Productivity

It is imperative to be active in helping employees adjust to working at home during times of crisis. Creating a work environment that positively promotes productivity must be enforced to keep your business afloat.

3  Focus On Improvement Opportunities

During this time of unprecedented change in the workforce, it is crucial to focus on opportunities for improvement. By focusing efforts on development, the BPO transformations in the COVID-19 era will make a positive impact.



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