Sandblasting Media- Used for industrial grade cleaning

Posted by dynamohi on July 23rd, 2015

When it comes to sandblasting industry, manufacturers produce a variety of cleaning products that suits various kinds of industrial grade cleanings, polishing and shaping various surfaces and mainly the metal. Among all, wet abrasive blasting is used for various purposes. Such kind of blasting is designed to avoid dust gathering and stop any unnecessary waste gathering during the process.

To get the desired outcome, both fine as well as coarse sandblasting media of differed densities can be used for blasting purposes. This process is utilized to remove dust particles or hazardous material without facing any kind of danger or risk.

During the sandblasting session, sand is combined with water and soap so that polishing and deep equipment cleaning occurs simultaneously. It is usually preferred when cleaning radioactive materials, asbestos, poisonous materials and high-dust particles. It enables sandblasting cleaning without being worried about contamination because all the hazardous material is cleaned whether liquid or wet.

Well, abrasive blasting is a process in which abrasive material is propelled under high pressure on a surface to smoothen it. And this technique can also be used to roughen a smooth surface, to provide a defining shape to a surface or to remove contaminants from any surface. Basically, the material is sprayed or propelled onto the surface using a pressurized medium like air or a centrifugal wheel.

To carry out this procedure, make sure that you know all the basics well before attempting it or leaving the job to a professional blaster. There are different types of blasting techniques being offered like wet blasting, wheel blasting, dry blasting, hydro-blasting, micro-abrasive method, automated method, bristle blasting and dry-ice technique.

When it comes to dry ice abrasive blasting, ice is used instead of water under pressure so as to clean the material or surface. This procedure can be carried out either with the usage of portable blasting equipment or a cabinet. Specifically for large surfaces, blasting room is required. And the different types of mediaemployed for this purpose include mineral abrasives like silica sand, garnet abrasive or magnesium sulfate, natural materials like crushed nut shells or fruit kernels, synthetic media like corn starch, sodium bi-carbonate or dry ice and metallic materials like copper, aluminum or zinc shots.

On a final note, it can be concluded from the above details that sandblasting technique with garnet abrasives and other suitable media are used for industrial grade cleaning world-wide.

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